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Holiday16 Tue 10-Sep-19 08:38:10

Hi, smile

myself and my partner have just setup a new dog walking service for our local area/surrounding areas. I am still going to continue working full time with my partner being the main part of the business to do alongside his reserved firefighting routine.

We have only just setup the business and advertised on social media on all of the local areas pages but haven't had anyone come back yet. I no its still early days and you need to be very patient and keep trying but i just wondered if anyone else here has done this or has setup their own business and how they got the name out there? Im certain that one we have a couple of clients then word of mouth with spread but its just gaining those clients.

TIA xx

TwattingDog Tue 10-Sep-19 08:48:41

When I look for a dog walker, I want to know things like:
You are properly insured (I turned away a walker who was not insured)
What your transport looks like (van, car etc)
What you look like!
Will you be walking your own dog at the same time
What sort of walks / locations they will be taken on
Can you wash off mud and dry them so my dog isn't put back into the house muddy and / or wet
Your experience with dogs
Arranging a trial walk together before I give her to you
Your availability

Maybe perk up your social media with "about us" posts that deal with that kind of thing?

missbattenburg Wed 11-Sep-19 16:41:56

To add to pp I would also want to know:

- qualifications and experience with different types of dogs
- your approach to matching dogs to walk together
- how you would handle canine conflict
- what you would do if two of your regular dogs didn't get along
- what you would do if any dog was injured or unwell
- your flexibility for last min bookings
- your policy with regard to in tact dogs
- when and how often you are on holiday and what (if any) provision you make and how you let clients know about holiday plans
- what you do when sick or needing emergency time off
- cancellation policy

labazsisgoingmad Wed 11-Sep-19 17:30:16

we are DBS checked which is a good thing to have too

ebur87 Thu 12-Sep-19 17:19:48

I haven't done this but my friend did she joined the dog sitting sites to start getting her clients. I referred my friends that were local and had dogs too - it's defo word of mouth that works tho. Depending where you live - my friend gets lots of her clients from gudog online I think.

good on you tho - this would be my dream job! grin

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