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Indoor or outdoor cat

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rosajois Wed 31-Oct-18 08:05:52

We moved house at the end of June with two cats who were outdoor cats previously. The new house is on a relatively busy road which is a hill so people often drive faster than they should. On the other side of the road is woodland which is obviously very attractive to cats.
Back in September one of them was actually run over on the road. After that we started keeping the other one in at night time to mitigate the risk slightly and we hadn’t previously seen him near the road in any case. However on Monday morning we saw him crossing the road- thankfully safely but later in the day I again saw him heading that way but managed to divert him around the back.
The kids are panicking about all this and want us to keep him indoors entirely in future.
What would you do? If he continues going outside it is only a matter of time I would think until a car hits him, but I have always had outdoor cats and it feels strange to keep him inside always.
I would love some advice / words of wisdom.

Dollymixture22 Fri 07-Dec-18 22:06:34

Can you keep him in the back garden? I have managed to more or less cat proof my back garden and it makes is less stressful when the little bundle of joy heads out

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