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DP wants to get a Boxer dog - what are they like?

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sparklesandwine Mon 11-Jun-07 18:19:54

DP would like to get a Boxer when we move to a bigger house (hopefully sometime this year) we have 4 DC's and i'm a SAHM so would be there (so to speak) for a dog.

DP works long hours in London so i feel that the responsibility would fall mainly on me to look after the pet. I would like a dog but am not sure what Boxer's are like someone told me they would need walking 4 times a day is this true? if so i'm not sure how i would fit this in with the school runs, play groups etc.

and also are they ok being on their own or do they prefer alot of company?

brimfull Mon 11-Jun-07 18:36:14

lots of dribble that's all I know

BettySpaghetti Mon 11-Jun-07 18:39:11

ggirl beat me to it!

I used to know someone who had one and when they took that stance ready to shake their head you had to run or risk being covered in trails of slime (the dog that is )

sparklesandwine Mon 11-Jun-07 18:47:00

ewwwwww oh no that means the house with be covered in slime and smell of dog

Carty80 Mon 11-Jun-07 19:01:12

Hi, my DH had one when i met him unfortunately he had to be put down in Feb. I never really liked dogs but i must say Bob was the nicest, funniest, friendliest dog ever!! Just asked DH and he says boxers only need 15 mins each walk because they will run continuously and require min 2 walks a day however will go out as many times as you take him. He says they prefer being in company but they can be left alone if they are taught from an early age. They have fantastic personalities, brill with kids but he does say they can be vandels!! Only our opinion but he has had 3, we are planning to get one!! x

Carty80 Mon 11-Jun-07 19:02:20

And yeah there is a lot of dribble!!

Angeliz Mon 11-Jun-07 19:03:48

I've had my boxer for years. He only dribbles if you feed him at the table. I mean if he startes and you don't feed him your food he's fine but if he gets a taste he dribbles. Or when he';s been running.
He sounds fierce when the doorbell goes but is a gentle giant. He is very very loving and sweet and i have 3 children and he's been great with them all.
He has had an awful lot of skin problems in the past few years and made many trips to the vet so make sure you have good pet insurance from the outset but boxers are adorable.
Must say he doesn't get a walk every day but we have a huge garden and he's out alot with us or pottering and he's getting on a bit now.

flowertot Mon 11-Jun-07 19:11:43

We had them as children. Very very docile. We used to cuddle them in their beds. sit on them etc etc and none ever even snapped at us. Very very loving and cuddly. But tend to dribble and fart yes!

sparklesandwine Mon 11-Jun-07 19:12:09

thats good to know the house we want to buy has a 100ft garden and backs on to common land so hopefully that should be enough - thats mainly why we want to get a dog actually as its detached and not another house for a few mins up the road and it backs onto open space so a dog would make me feel a little more secure when DP is away or working late

is the personality between sexes different at all?

sorry if i sound a bit thick but i don't have too much experience with dogs

sparklesandwine Mon 11-Jun-07 19:13:03

lol so feeding brussel sprouts at the dinner table would be a no then

Angeliz Mon 11-Jun-07 19:14:49

We've got a dog and he had the chop ( through neccessity) very young as he had an undescended testicle so we've never had problems with him.
My sister had a gorgeous bitch a few years back though so i don't think it matters much personality wise.
I would say though to get a boxer from reputable breeders.

sparklesandwine Mon 11-Jun-07 19:17:41

yes we would definately go through a reputable breeder for one I think that is important - do they have many common health problems do you know?

BishyBarneyBee Mon 11-Jun-07 19:19:04

oh I posted about growing up with boxer dogs on another thread - hang on

BishyBarneyBee Mon 11-Jun-07 19:20:02


Mercy Mon 11-Jun-07 19:21:52

My dh had a boxer when he was growing up. He says they are fab pets (he loves Dobermans too)

I only like little dogs tbh [wimp] dh says little dogs are yappy and agressive [wimp]

Carty80 Mon 11-Jun-07 19:23:11

DH says they are prone to tumors. Agree with Angeliz, not much difference in sex.

Desiderata Mon 11-Jun-07 19:24:33

Male boxers can be a little randy - and certainly some of the them seem to need more exercising than most.

All things considered, despite being beautiful animals, I would put them in the 'medium to high maintenance' category.

sparklesandwine Mon 11-Jun-07 19:27:32

thanks BBB the other thread was helpful too!

Is it advisable to get pet insurance or not?

Angeliz Mon 11-Jun-07 19:46:24

DEFINATELY get pet insurance. I think boxers are quite sensitive dogs and are prone to alot of problems. Worth every second though as they are so gorgeous.

Angeliz Mon 11-Jun-07 19:46:52

sigh i keep dissapearing as ds won't settle!

tegan Mon 11-Jun-07 19:57:08

Be warned Boxers are not only expensive to buy but they have loads of health problems.
My bf has had hers for 10 years and she has spent tens of thousands of pounds on him over the yearsand that was with insurance for the first 5 years but the insurance company wouldn't insure her anymore and to get him insured now would cost a fortune.

Speccy Mon 11-Jun-07 20:18:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rislip Mon 11-Jun-07 20:20:50

Oh i love them, really great dogs.

Speccy Thu 21-Jun-07 19:48:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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