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Boy or girl cat?

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missladybird Sun 05-Nov-17 13:23:52

So my landlady has agreed to let us have a kitten. I can't tell you how excited I am! I've been reading and doing lots of research but I'm stuck as to whether a boy or girl would be best?

I've only ever had girl cats but have been told boys are more cuddly and likely to sit with you etc.

What are your experiences?

NickMyLipple Sun 05-Nov-17 13:31:10

I think you're looking at the wrong time of year - spend the next few months having home checks with local rescues and shelters and there will be plenty of kittens in the spring/early summer.

Once a kitten is neutered or spayed I don't know that it makes much difference to their personality. I've a girl cat who is 7 months old and very cuddly - a total lap cat and a ginger tom who's a year and he likes the odd stroke but isn't a lap cat. So much determines their personality. If you want to be sure you're getting a cuddly lap cat then get a slightly older rescue.

Justbookedasummmerholiday Sat 11-Nov-17 20:33:09

2 cats =less damage to your lovely home ime!!
Lots of duo's in rescues.

Watto1 Sat 11-Nov-17 20:39:17

Well, my old cat was male and sat on my lap twice in his 17 years on the planet. And one of those times he was still under the influence of anaesthetic! New cat is female and sits on my lap every time I am stationary for more than 10 seconds. My childhood cat was male and a lap wasn't good enough for him. He had to sit on your head! So I don't think male cats are more lap cats really. It all depends on the personality of the car, regardless of sex.

StaySexyDontGetMurdered Sat 11-Nov-17 20:43:47

I don't think it makes a difference really, it's all down to personality.

To counteract the posters above - I have 2 male cats and both like to be close or sat on my lap. One barks at me until I stop to fuss him.

missladybird Sat 11-Nov-17 20:48:17

I went for a girl smile

Ollycat Sat 11-Nov-17 20:51:46

I’ve always had female tortoiseshell cats (and I think always will) so that would be my recommendation.

All have been a strange mix of cuddly and violent but have the most amazing personalities!

holidayqueriwifi Sat 11-Nov-17 20:52:26

OMG heavenly!

Ollycat Sat 11-Nov-17 20:54:15

Meant to say all my cats have always slept with people but it does vary as to who is the chosen one. Currently, after ignoring him for more months it’s ds and she spends most of the time when she’s in the house in his s room.

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