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Getting a bearded dragon - any top tips?

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lilybunnytalks Wed 11-Oct-17 21:45:29

Getting a bearded dragon tomorrow for ds 10th birthday. Have vivarium set up and it's been running correctly to temps since Monday. Read the book, but a little bit scared (scared shitless) about handing the insects, trying to keep beardie healthy and happy.
It's ds's pet, but I went and held them to choose one to reserve on Monday and I'm a little bit in love with 'him' (ds thinks it will be a boy regardless of knowing it's impossible to tell when they're babies - I'm hoping 'he's a girl...)
Any top tips from beardie owners out there?

Julieelizabeth5 Tue 24-Oct-17 14:16:24

Make sure husbandary is correct, UV lights etc, always have a spare basking lamp as mine blows at unexpected times! I’m sure you’ve been told UV needs to be changed every 7 months, don’t put 2 beardies together!! I only feed bugs twice a week and feed my beardie veg every day (with calcium powder) and I feed locusts as they are apparently the better bug as worms are very fatty, personally I’d get a timer for the lights, so they automatically switch on and off so you don’t have to worry about not being home, hold him as much as you can to get him used to your smell, could even put a blanket that smells like you in his viv until he gets used to you, they’re amazing pets

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