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Older dog and kitten, can we make this work?

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DaysLikeThis1 Fri 26-Aug-16 13:29:53

We have a much loved 10 year old border collie and recently got a kitten. We have been trying to introduce them to each other gradually, but our dog seems nervous of the kitten. She doesn't look at it and leaves the room etc. If the kitten is sitting quietly on someone's lap our dog is OK although doesn't really relax and barked and chased it when it moved off the lap. Obviously this frightened the kitten. Today our dog went towards the kitten which scratched her face and drew blood. We have tried feeding the dog treats while kitten is around, putting kitten's blanket in dogs bed and I am now wondering if getting a kitten crate so they can both safely be in the same room would help. We really want this to work, both are lovely animals, but are aware that if we do need to rehouse the kitten it would be better done sooner than later. If anyone has any advice we would be so grateful.

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