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My neighbour keeps taking my cat.

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purpleflower123 Fri 01-Nov-13 19:25:20

My neighbour seems to have taken a liking to my cat.

A few weeks ago she disappeared for 2 nights which is very unlike her. Luckily there was a note posted at the local shop about a missing kitten. It was written on an old envelope next to the sign requesting people only use the cards. When I called the son answered and seemed happy to have found her owners. They are only a couple of doors away so I went straight away to collect her. Told them that she isn't a kitten just a petite cat, she's chipped, spayed, defleaed, wormed and wears a collar. They told me they thought she was a stray as she is a bit skinny (been vet checked, shes just a petite cat)
The mum seemed gutted that she was going, had bought her food and bowls. kept saying how disappointed her grandson would be and that she was going to buy her a flea collar (shes already wearing a normal collar and had just been strongholded)

We kept her in for a couple of weeks and let her out, over the last 2 weeks she keeps disappearing for a day or 2 at a time. My husband knocked one day and she said she would not scare the cat away or stop feeding her. She's giving her milk FFS.

What can I do, she's my cat. We chose her when she was a week old and her name was DD2s first word. She goes mad if i try and keep her in. She sneaked out this morning when my husband went to work and hasn't been back. She always comes when called unless she's locked in her house sad

Flowerybitch Sat 02-Nov-13 14:03:41

If someone was keeping my cats I would be livid, I would speak to your neighbour politely and ask her to stop feeding your cat as this is encouraging her to go back to her house. Of course your cat will keep going back if the lady is giving her milk.... My neighbour took a liking to my cat, but she went and bought a new kitten, she didn't go and steal mine lol...

VanitasVanitatum Sat 02-Nov-13 14:07:15

Maybe find some info on cat rescue places nearby and suggest they look at rescuing one of their own?

purpleflower123 Sun 03-Nov-13 00:53:16

Thank you both.

We have asked her nicely, she's back now so I'm keeping her in for a few days again. We'll see how it goes when I let her back out.

I love the idea of getting some cat rescue leaflets etc for her if she does lock her in again. I'm at the point where I'd happily buy her a kitten if it means she leaves mine alone!

Fair enough she took her in when she thought she was a stray but she knows she has a family that loves her now.

2 days before she disappeared the first time she came back with a hugely swollen tummy, if I hadn't been the one to take her to the vets to be spayed I would've thought she was pregnant. That's when she said she started feeding her, it must've been the milk upsetting her stomach sad

goodasitgets Sun 03-Nov-13 01:12:29

That's mad. My neighbours cat has taken a liking to me and follows me yowling confused
He comes in via the window, roams around, has a snooze and I (forcibly) remove him. I don't feed him, he's never shut in and he usually comes round when his humans are out!

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