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petition to Kraft/Cadburys

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Dan4Lau Fri 20-Sep-13 20:56:51

Hello there, I've recently noticed a distinct change for the worse in the taste of Cadburys chocolate, and also been annoyed at the changed shape of the iconic dairy milk bar. On googling the issue to see if anyone else had noted these things, I found a lively discussion here on Mumsnet on the topic. So I've created an Epetition here:

Bit of a long title sorry, and I hope that with enough support we can persuade Cadbury to both restore the original shape, and to take our concerns about the change in the taste of the chocolate seriously. I'm aware that they've denied changing the recipe, and as I say in the petition I'm not accusing them of lying about that, I have no evidence. But something has changed the taste, and I would like them to do something more about it than issue unlikely explanations and denials. I hope that if you lovely people here will sign and spread the word, we might be able to put some pressure on them to rectify these issues. I'm the first to admit it's not a great petition in terms of its text, if anyone would like to suggest improvements they're entirely welcome to do so.
Thank you all

OrangeOpalFruit Fri 20-Sep-13 21:01:31

It tastes disgusting now. Honestly it's a travesty. I very much doubt that they will do anything about it. Last Easter the chocolate on Cream Eggs was the old style so I'm just hoping that will continue.

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