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thesecretmusicteacher Sun 17-Feb-13 13:33:03

Finally, a national campaign group has got hold of the issue of summer-borns with challenges being forced into school at 4.0. I'm delighted as we have had a success story after being allowed to start at 5.0 but it has never been possible to find the right peer group in order to campaign effectively, and the issue gets sucked into the wider issue of UK school starting age.

So do please go to the Bliss website and help them in this important work.

They are obviously focussed on prematurely born children but I think if you had a child with the combination of (i)summer birthday (ii) developmental challenge and (iii) capacity to make rapid progress if given the right environment then your experience may still be useful for them.

I am so delighted that we may finally be able to gather the evidence about this issue.

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