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Sort me out re punctuation after emoticons please

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Hassled Mon 07-Jul-08 16:01:02

Does an emoticon replace punctuation? I recently posted: "I'm open-mouthed in admiration ." Was the full-stop necessary? Should I just get out more?

maidamess Mon 07-Jul-08 16:02:06

No full stop required grin

JaneHH Mon 07-Jul-08 16:03:39

I worry about this too, Hassled smile. grin

My little rule is (pedant hat firmly on head):
- full-stop after emoticon when a sentence precedes the emoticon
- no full-stop when the emoticon is just randomly attached to a paragraph (most often in a whole row of emoticons like this grin grin grin)
- brackets are another matter entirely

JackieNo Mon 07-Jul-08 16:04:43

I don't really have a rule as such, but I generally do use punctuation after them - can't stop myselfblush.

Hassled Mon 07-Jul-08 20:09:41

So I have a yes, a no and an "it depends" (.) Thanks!

asicsgirl Mon 14-Jul-08 19:31:22

but do you need a space before an emoticon?

Madlentileater Mon 14-Jul-08 19:40:47

have consulted DDs....they say no, not on the internet.
what I want to know is, why don't I feel obliged to start new lines with a capital letter, when they are clearly, structurally speaking, sentences. DD2 says that on MSN they don't use punctuation at all shock
or, to clarify you don't need to, because it's like a conversation, only use the punctuation that you would use in speech, which apparantly is commas and exclamation marks and question marks. So just poor old full stops that get the cold shoulder then.

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