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Reeling in horror - teacher has put a MUST OF in DS's reading record book

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UnquietDad Mon 25-Feb-08 15:54:25

It's there in black biro. In the comment on his record book. Apologising for missing a page and saying they "must of" skipped over it last week.


From a teacher.





It's like finding a turd in his lunchbox.

Help me, pedants. You are my only hope.

(Glances down corridor, bends and removes tape.)

fransmom Mon 25-Feb-08 17:19:33

which region of sw goml? am near "seaside"!!!

RosaIsRed Mon 25-Feb-08 23:19:55

UQD. Tell her it doesn't matter because you were bored of the book anyway and she should of given you a more interesting one, innit.

gigglewitch Mon 25-Feb-08 23:32:48

LOL at this lot. specially turd in lunchbox / musofa dictionary / red-pen correction.

Must tell you - one of my English teachers wrote in my (high school) exercise book
"Don't abbreviate"
it was an absolute classic.

Twiglett Mon 25-Feb-08 23:34:36


you have to correct it

with a RED PEN

in the book

which she will read

hopefully with mounting horror

and then will never look you in the eye ever ever again

RosaIsRed Mon 25-Feb-08 23:37:34

Could you do it though, Twig?
I just couldn't. I would be too embarrassed for her and it would end up being me who was avoiding the eye contact because of the shame I would be sure she was feeling.

soapbox Mon 25-Feb-08 23:40:59

DS had a 'loveley' in his book recently!

I was close to redlining it on two counts:

1. Please try to use more descriptive words (which is what she usually writes) and

2. Please try harder with the spelling of common usage words.

But I chickened outgringringrin

pofaced Mon 25-Feb-08 23:48:05

Mmm.. go and see the head teacher.... but I didn't do anything when poor DD aged 7 came home and had to write out "rasberry" 5 times because she had written a story involving a raspberry!

RosaIsRed Mon 25-Feb-08 23:50:00

pofaced shock
I would have, I mean of, gone in and demonstrated said rasberry. Loudly.

midnightexpress Tue 26-Feb-08 21:55:49

shock UQD.

It reminds me of a hideous occasion when a good friend asked me to be a referee for her application for teacher training. She gave me the filled in application and it was full of 'would of' and 'should of', among other shockers. And there was I, poised with a bottle of tippex, wondering, should I? Or should I not?

I can't remember what I actually did in the end. She didn't get the place, you will be glad to hear. So it couldn't of been her teaching your DS. I can sleep easy about that at least.

CissyCharlton Tue 26-Feb-08 21:58:00

I had a similar experience when ds1's teacher wrote

Thanks for the lone of the book.


fryalot Tue 26-Feb-08 22:00:16


actually, I am not shocked. I wish I was.

Dd1's English teacher recommended a book for her to read - he wrote it down for her so she wouldn't forget it.


I was abominably annoyed by that.

fryalot Tue 26-Feb-08 22:00:35

oh, pmsl at "don't abbreviate" grin

ara Tue 26-Feb-08 22:00:58


Heated Tue 26-Feb-08 22:07:29

I don't suppose ds can get away with correcting the teacher x3? Or write a message back containing the correct usage? smile

GW, I like writing don't abbrev., the pupils remember the inconsistency, as you did wink.

Janni Wed 27-Feb-08 16:33:48

just got an email to parents from my son's teacher about a walk they're doing. She asks us to pack high-energy food like 'nuts and banana's. Oh dear.

scaryteacher Thu 28-Feb-08 09:59:56

Happens all the time, and when you correct this , colleagues look at you as if you have two heads, and mutter 'why does it matter?'...reply 'because we have to teach cross-curricular literacy doh!'

Another favourite mistake, and one that I spent 15 minutes correcting at the beginning of lessons is the difference between




Some teachers get that wrong constantly as well.

Janni Thu 28-Feb-08 17:20:11

scaryteacher - makes me wonder whether there isn't something to be said for home education after all grin

HuwEdwards Thu 28-Feb-08 17:21:49

"must of" like "finding a turd in his lunchbox. "

Surely quote of the week!

IorekByrnison Thu 28-Feb-08 18:25:26

Normally these pedantry threads are just a light diversion, but I truly am horrified by this. Especially scaryteacher's report of colleagues saying "why does it matter?"

I am speechless. Turd in the lunchbox analogy very apt.

What can we do?

AlisonD1 Fri 29-Feb-08 13:30:50

I am flitting between horror and falling on the floor laughing grin. Perhaps MNHQ could get together a book of teacher cock-ups and end them to the Secretary of State for education (and copy a few newspapers into it too!).

I had a cracker the other day when I overheard a teacher at a local school. She was fed up of a parent always getting on her ^pedal stall^ about things that don't concern her.

AlisonD1 Fri 29-Feb-08 13:32:01

or perhaps even send them to the Secretary of State (and no, I am not a teacher....).

IorekByrnison Fri 29-Feb-08 13:38:59

Yes Alison - surely we could do something like that. I find it so depressing.

stuffitllama Fri 29-Feb-08 13:40:36

I'm shock that you're shock.

Hassled Fri 29-Feb-08 13:49:48

Not from a teacher but from the LEA in sample Terms of Reference for Curriculum committees of school governing bodies:

"To...advise the governing body on it's statutory obligations regarding the National Curriculum."

IorekByrnison Fri 29-Feb-08 13:50:50

Why are you shock that we're shock, stuffit?

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