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Party ideas for a 3 year old

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jumpyjan Tue 03-Nov-09 12:52:22

I am coming around to the idea of having a party when DD turns 3. I had initally thought against it as she does not yet go to preschool she does not have masses of friends.

How many children do you think would make it feel like a party? Off the top of my head we would probably invite 5-7 ish - do you think thats enough?

Also I think it would be fun to have a theme of some sort but a bit stuck for ideas/party games etc.

Elk Tue 03-Nov-09 13:11:32

IMO 3 year olds are too young for party games. For both my dd's 3rd birthdays I invited about 6 children. I got out lots of toys and they played with those. We then had a party picnic on a rug in the sitting room followed by an action song type CD for the children to sing along and dance.

If you are up to it then sticking and gluing go down quite well and it is also a quiet activity which may help them calm down before going home.

liliputlady Tue 03-Nov-09 21:44:26

Yes, I'm sure 5-7 will be enough!

You could have some party hats/crowns to decorate.

Circle songs like "Farmers in his den" go down well.

You could make it fancy dress if your daughter and friends have got their first dressing up outfits.

Keep it simple and short!

kcartyparty Wed 04-Nov-09 23:43:08

Nail painting is popular at my work place with the little girls. And a little face painting. Just a small flower or hear on the face is enough.

Art parties are great if you don't mind the mess.

Good luck and hope your DD has a great b/day

Wendyhendy1 Thu 05-Nov-09 13:57:31

Message withdrawn

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