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pony party

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mummydoc Thu 17-Sep-09 11:33:30

am having a "pony" themed party for dd2 's 5th birthday, it is gogin to be old fashioend in the church hall with games type party . so far have

musical stautes ( gallop around and when music stops pretend to be a still pony)
pin the tail on the pony
pass the parcel x2
a show jumping course with child sized jumps as an obstacle type race
stable in the corner ( each of the 4 corners will have a large cut out of a stable door , each a different colour , the children have to gallop round until music stops and then choos a stable , we call out a colour and everyone who chose that coloured stable is out )

can anyone thiink of of other games i could adapt to a pny theme ??

alos going to do a craft activity when arrived - maybe decorate a gingerbread pony ?

meltedmarsbars Thu 17-Sep-09 14:08:44

rosettes for winners. Sound whipping for losers grin

horseshoe throwing (maybe use cardboard shes not real ones!!

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