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Cbeebies cakes and Kerwhizz

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Waswondering Sat 29-Aug-09 21:50:45

Ds (6 on Weds) LOVES kerwhizz.

He's been on their website and lo and behold they have a cake that he likes the look of - basically a race track with hand moulded models of each of the kerwhizz things.

Now, sadly, I was passed over when the genes and talents for cake decorating or anything artistic was handed out!

Are there kerwhizz characters out there that I could stick on a cake for him?

(I was planning on making a sponge and gloriously smothering it in a homemade ganache - yum!)

Oh - it's a bank holiday on Monday too so no post. And birthday is Wednesday! Didn't see anything online on a google so wondered if anyone had come across these??


twinklytoes Sun 30-Aug-09 21:35:24

bit late but try ebay and search for cake toppers. someone out there might be able to produce a kerwhizz one for you. I've bought loads of the toppers and rice paper prints for fairy cakes and usually get within 24hrs of ordering.

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