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what's the worst party you've been to?

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strongblackcoffee Wed 12-Aug-09 14:23:07

Have just been laughing with my friend about a couple of awful parties we've been to recently... Bit mean I know but it made us laugh a lot! grin

My DS's friend had 30 - yes 30 - 3 yr olds, plus parents and a handful of younger siblings, all in an overheated hut, all running around screeching in hyped up party mode. The bday girl's father was dressed up as a (sweaty) clown, and 3 children had to go home because they cried hysterically every time he came close. It went on for 2.5 hours, which was approximately 2 hours too long for me and possibly everyone else...

Just wondered whether anyone else had any similar stories to brighten up my afternoon?! grin And help me make a mental note what not to do when planning DSs next ones...!

andiem Wed 12-Aug-09 14:25:12

my fil wedding reception was awful all his friends doing acts I had to leave early as ds2 was only 3 months dh said I had a lucky escape when he got back to the hotel later grinhe had to sit through the whole 2 hours of it!

strongblackcoffee Wed 12-Aug-09 14:30:48

lol! I like having smaller dcs attached to you, it makes any party more bearable. I hate it now they've got a bit bigger cos they run off and I have to make conversation with other people/parents, and I hate it blush

lowstressmum Wed 12-Aug-09 20:45:52

Hi, I don't post often on here but this made me think about the party my DD was asked to last month. 3 hour party with NO FOOD shock it was 2pm to 5pm as well so they were STARVING by the end. Have you ever heard of a party with no food????? Not even cake!!!!!!!!!

strongblackcoffee Wed 12-Aug-09 20:56:31

No cake? shock Would break all contact!! grin

WinkyWinkola Wed 12-Aug-09 21:04:23

One NYE we were invited to this party of friends' of friends. We all had to dress in a colour. I was yellow. Great start.

We got to the party which was in a tiny flat in Chelsea where ten other people were gathered. It was all so stilted and fake and unenjoyable. Not what we were at all used to.

The hostess then disappeared into her bedroom with six of her guests where they all proceeded to hoover up lines. They then started to literally brawl amongst each other. Throwing ornaments, yelling and bitch festing.

Me, DH (then boyfriend) and our two friends were left in the sitting room, feeling totally weird and trapped. It felt like we were watching some bizarre theatrical performance. We hadn't even had a chance to get drunk so as to handle it all better. Then one of the table mats caught fire and created more drama. We just pegged it and took our chances with no taxis on NYE to get back to north London.

It was the most depressing NYE ever and in fact, I don't go out on that night anymore because it's so charged with expectation that invariably disappoints.

lljkk Thu 13-Aug-09 12:15:38

DD was invited to a birthday party for a 4yo.
It was held in the function room of a local pub.
Lots of children attended.
The room was dingy and dark.
The floor was pseudo-carpet, very sticky with God knows what, except the hardwood flooring, which was covered with grease marks and chewing gum and similar sticky stuff.
DD just clung to me because she was a clingy sort, anyway. Normaly DC go barefoot indoors, but I forebade it on this occasion.
The kids were served all junk food, including lots of Pepsi.
No other parents except the birthday child's stayed.
The entertainer was lousy.

There's more really, but I'm sure I've blanked some of it out over the years!! grin

Metella Thu 13-Aug-09 12:21:25

SIL went to a wedding reception where a large proportion of the guests took turns to give their "testament" of how Jesus had saved them.

It went on for hours and there was no booze to dull the pain.

LovelyTinOfSpam Thu 13-Aug-09 12:33:32

I think metella may take the prize so far...

My worst was a 30th (I think). It was supposed to be a cocktail party I think but no-one knew each other very well so it was all quite stilted. Then one of the guests got very drunk and abusive. The only person who would know what to do was the hostess, at this point we realised that she had vanished.

Due to the threats of violence etc it was decided that some of us would go out and start looking for the birthday girl while the rest would try and calm the abusive drunk who by this point was swilling vodka neat from the bottle.

2 hours later the birthday girl returned - she had had a call from an ex and had gone to have a talk with him hmm

On the way out I heard one person comment to another that it was the worst party she'd ever been to.

The next day the hostess rang me to say how well it had all gone shock Utterly oblivious.

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