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Hosts with the most - help please! Need food ideas for 40+ adults for lunch!

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dubonnet Sun 17-Aug-08 14:27:13

Am doing a buffet lunch after DS's christening. End of Sept so weather could be good, could be POURING.

Have searched old threads and consensus seems to be "waitrose entertaining".
Current shopping list:

Crisps etc with humous and dips while we get everything ready.

Baked ham
Salads & Coleslaw
French bread
Cheese platters
Couscous salad

Cake and tea later for "pud"

Not really keen on having to cook too much as want to talk to people and house will be full of kids as well.

Any other ideas very gratefully received as know you MNers are so good at this.


elmoandella Sun 17-Aug-08 18:35:40

*prawn cocktail shots*
get little shot glasses/ or mini plastic cocktail glass and put a wee layer of lettuce and then a teaspoon of prawn marie with tiny slice of lemon garnish.can be made the night before

cut up into little squares. kids and adults will scoff these in minutes. nothing expensive. just those cheap frozen ones at a £1 each. plain topping like margherita and hawaiian.

perhaps a malterser one. to keep the kids at bay till cake arrives, no e numbers in something like this. but still good for the sweet tooths.

to be honest stuff like salads can be a real waste. you dont wanna be left with a load of stuff.

and on your cheese platter. stick some sausages and pickles with some cocktail stick. that wat kids can get some without pickles and adults what they fancy. people just make there own.

people dont generally go to a party to eat healthy. they look forward to an afternoon of eating junk.

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