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Princess theme for 3 year old girls birthday - what do I do for her male friends?

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RuthT Tue 01-Jul-08 02:26:28

Does a pirate theme go with Princesses - does it matter?

boredveryverybored Tue 01-Jul-08 03:19:11

I don't think it matters tbh. DD had been to a bunch of princess and pirate parties

Califrau Tue 01-Jul-08 03:38:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kif Tue 01-Jul-08 06:00:58

pirates goes. Knights is good too.

beegee Tue 01-Jul-08 06:02:45

My ds is off to a princess/prince party at the weekend

slim22 Tue 01-Jul-08 06:24:08

little shreks?

ZacharyQuack Tue 01-Jul-08 06:52:40


RubyRioja Tue 01-Jul-08 07:03:41


RuthT Tue 01-Jul-08 19:51:30

Great ideas - I love the Shrek one! And frogs is just too witty for 3 year olds - maybe?

wonderwomanakaeandh Tue 01-Jul-08 19:54:52

dd1 having a 'princess and superhero' party for her 4th birthday in sept, got disneu princess plates etc and then spiderman etc

Also added on invites that dressing up optional

RusselBrussel Tue 01-Jul-08 19:55:23

I don't think it matters. Our school fair this summer was themed Princesses and Pirates smile

Failing that they could be handsome princes, heroic knights, noble kings or super shreks!!

Kimmy1080 Tue 19-Aug-08 19:33:07

A friend of mine is interested to know what exactly does a princess party entail, besides dressing up as princesses and making all the party ware and decorations princess themed?

Are there particular games you can play, music, props you can use etc?

Thanks, hope someone can help. My friend's daughter is going to be 3.


gegs73 Tue 19-Aug-08 19:39:16

DS1 wouldn't mind what kind of party it was as long as there were delicious cakes and crisps grin.

I think the knights idea is a good one and also try not to make the boys plates and cups pink, though again I'm sure they'd get over it if they were filled with delicious food/drink.

Habbibu Tue 19-Aug-08 19:40:38

They're 3 - the boys will probably be perfectly happy as princesses...

mummysmagic Wed 20-Aug-08 15:06:19


I had a princess and heros theme for my daughters 4th birthday that went down a treat.
It was lovely to see them all dressed up and acting the part!

izzybiz Wed 20-Aug-08 15:08:05


singyswife Wed 20-Aug-08 15:08:18

I have just been (well dd has) to a Princess and superhero party. Was great every child was dressed up and it really worked.

threestars Thu 21-Aug-08 00:57:14

definitely pirates or superhero.
DS would have sulked if he'd been expected to be a princess at a 3rd birthday party.

nappyaddict Thu 21-Aug-08 02:56:13

is princesses and princes not the most obvious choice?

funnypeculiar Thu 21-Aug-08 07:12:42

Ds went to a pirates & princesses party last weekend - the pirates had to rescue the princesses...
Ds went as a knight (in an anti-pirate mood), and looked fab smile - BUT I think the advantage of pirates is that the costumes are very easily bought/constructed - knights maybe slightly trickier?

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 21-Aug-08 07:56:17

We went to princess and pirates themed 3rd b'day party last weekend. Worked fine.

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