Ds 7th birthday party

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Littlemissawesome Sun 05-Jan-20 09:35:33

Hi all!
My ds is turning 7 in May (I know it's a bit of a way off but just looking for advice) basically for his second birthday I organised a bbq in the forest, we had lots of family come and it was a lovely afternoon! He has now decided he wants the same again this year and it's cheap enough to invite lots of people! Would you take your child to a bbq party in the forest? We can choose plots and can put up a gazebo and will provide blankets and chairs etc and activities for the children but do you think this would be something your children would be interested in?

Im a single mum and have done hall parties for the past four years so looking for something that won't break the bank and I can start saving for!

Thankyou (sorry if its long winded or doesn't make sense I suffer with anxiety and have found this terrifying 😂)

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Invisimamma Sun 05-Jan-20 09:45:14

Yes we'd probably come along, it sounds lovely.

Things you'd need to think about:
Directions and oarking
Toilets!?! This would be the biggest factor for me... Particularly with smal children or pregnant mums!! Also hand washing facilities as you are preparing food.
Plenty supervision of children to make sure none wander off in the forest.
Safety of children running about near a hot bbq
Games and activities to keep children busy and entertained.
Litter and bin bags.
Permission from the forest owner/authority

Bad weather has potentail to ruin it for everyone and you might need a back up plan or be prepared to cancel last minute.

Littlemissawesome Sun 05-Jan-20 09:50:29

The parking is right next to the plot that we like! And it's about a two minute walk from the toilets! I always have the parents stay at my sons parties (don't know why but they like to sit with a coffee and a catch up) so there will be plenty of adults, if the parents don't stay then it'll be myself, my mum, stepdad, dad, stepmum and brother who I have roped in to help! Permission I will look at closer to the time as I'm gathering ideas atm but I like the idea of having games and activities to keep the children entertained! Last time we was okay to do it as long as we left the plot how we found it, so I'll take a few bin bags etc to keep it tidy!

Cost wise: parking and the plot is free! Gazebo will be from my mum! Blankets and chairs I'm overrun with anyways! It would just be bbq food and a cake to buy plus party bags!

I will definitely have a back up in case of bad weather! Thankyou for your reply xx

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