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pastaparadise Fri 19-Jul-19 17:25:49

Dc turn 5 and 3 two weeks apart, so we'd planned a joint party. But dd1 is very shy and didnt want to invite anyone from school, so thought we'd just go for friends with their dc, and have low key afternoon in the garden. But a few more people can come than i thought, inc dd2's friend from nursery who she wanted to invite.

So we now have 9 kids from 2-7, and about 11 adults. Which seems more than just 'chat in the garden and have cake' than I'd originally planned... Also slightly odd dynamic of all our friends plus1 random mum i dont know.

Should i plan for a 'party' and what would work at those ages?? We're lucky to have a large back garden so have booked a bouncy castle, and already have trampoline, climbing frame and goalposts. But stressing in case it's bad weather. Think we need organised party games/ bags etc? Dd1 wont like anything where she is the centre of attention/ entertainer etc...

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InDubiousBattle Fri 19-Jul-19 23:33:23

Yeah, 20 people is a party! We're doing something similar for dd's 4th birthday, 10 kids and 10-15 adults at home. I am hoping and praying for good weather too so we can use the garden. I'm doing:
- loads of bubbles /bubble machine thing (only a cheap £10 one)in the garden
-little digging area with sunflower seeds to pots and to decorate
-chunky chalks on a small patio area
- cheap pound land paint brushes with buckets of water to 'paint' some of the fences
- bought a glitter tattoo set of e bay

Buffet of sandwiches, pizza, party rings etc. 4 or 5 tubs of ice cream with cones, sprinkles and flakes for pudding. Definitely party bags, I know mn hate them but 4 year olds love them. Fabulous cake.
Crisps, bread sticks, dip, wine and Prosecco for the adults. We have had all of our dc's parties like this so far (they're 4 and5)and they've always gone down well.

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