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Teddy Bears Picnic get together in my garden - ideas?

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handlemecarefully Sun 29-Jul-07 10:39:31

Looks like weather next week is going to be great [can't quite believe it emoticon], so am planning to invite some of ds' Pre-School friends around for a get together. Think it would be nice for him to see them during the holidays.

Was planning on doing a teddy bears picnic in my garden. Ideas of activities to include would be greatly appreciated


handlemecarefully Sun 29-Jul-07 10:45:33


bananabump Sun 29-Jul-07 11:04:22

babycentre says: Games wise, try Musical Statues, Pass the Parcel, Mummy Wrapping (in which the children wrap willing volunteers up in toilet roll -- the best mummy wins), Follow my Leader, The Music Man and other active, but short, games. Some entertainers will organise the games for you. This age group can't cope with too much competition, so traditional games may need to be adapted, or even fixed, to give everyone a chance to win something at some point. Have a big bag full of small, cheap, fun prizes.

Children eat very little at parties so don't overdose on food: anything small, bite-size and attractively colourful works well. Display savouries first, sweet things later, to encourage balance. Try cherry tomatoes, cucumber and carrot sticks, seedless grapes, cartons of juice with straws, mini sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps and iced biscuits. Try to avoid gooey cake which gets squashed in party bags and becomes only fit for doggy fodder when it reaches home!

I think a teddy bears picnic is a lovely idea, so they would all bring their favourite teddy, and sit around on blankets with little sandwiches etc? Some bunting and balloons would be nice to decorate the garden with, and maybe someone in a cheap teddy constume (i.e you!) to lead the games. Or you could hand out teddy masks/ears to each child as they walked in.

handlemecarefully Sun 29-Jul-07 23:14:10

Thanks bananabump,

How rude of me - to post and then go out for the day.

But thanks for the response. I think I might hide some small paper teddies around the garden for them to find (suspended from tree branches etc)....

have a few other ideas too. The teddy mask is a good one. If I google it I am sure to find some on the net that I can print off and cut out

TooTicky Sun 29-Jul-07 23:16:26

Honey sandwiches and honey cake of course.

sammac Sun 29-Jul-07 23:19:02 Here's a free downloadable dress the teddy game.

sammac Sun 29-Jul-07 23:21:02 and a teddy mask- but you've got to pay a samll amount- might get something free elsewhere (quality from here is good though!)

handlemecarefully Sun 29-Jul-07 23:24:06



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