Sons 5th birthday ! advice needed

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gg1234 Fri 01-Feb-19 01:01:25

Hello all

I booked party for 10 kids in a local pizaa express .I looked all way around near my kids school just to find a play area but nothing has a booking left .Ideally for his age kids should have a play area party which is least stressfull for mums but I am getting a date 3 weeks after so too late for me .

Cut the long story short .although fOOD PART is sorted .I am quite clueless on what acitvity to do while the party is of 2 hours ,



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NerrSnerr Fri 01-Feb-19 01:24:37

I would ask on your local FB page if anyone has any suggestions. In my town we have climbing centre, pottery painting, trampoline park, swimming pools, David Lloyd gym and bowling that do parties if that helps?

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