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zombiemum123 Tue 06-Nov-18 23:50:51

Hi all looking for a bit of advise, ds2 is getting christened jus my before Xmas, obviously not wanting to break the bank with it being that time of year, where is good to buy christening decorations for the after “do”? To be honest it all looks slightly crap! Thanks you

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MollyHuaCha Wed 07-Nov-18 00:05:42

Where will it be? If in your home, all you need are a few vases of flowers.

LoniceraJaponica Wed 07-Nov-18 00:11:44

I didn't know that christening decorations were a "thing".

If it is close to Christmas just put Christmss decorations up and save your money. People won't notice or care that they aren't specifically christening decorations.

zombiemum123 Wed 07-Nov-18 00:30:38

It’s at a local cricket club, your right about the Xmas decorations! No idea why that didn’t come to mind already! Thank you

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