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duzzlightyearsmum Sat 07-Jul-18 07:58:53

Trying to plan a Moana themed party for DD, 4. She's insisted on a moana theme and I'm trying to organise some games/activities myself has anyone got any ideas? So far I've got pin the heart of the fiti on moana and kokamora shaped piñatas. Any ideas gratefully received!

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Plural Sat 07-Jul-18 08:07:41

Tropical Limbo and pineapple bowling?

There's more ideas here but use Pinterest. Tons of stuff!

Xiaoxiong Sat 07-Jul-18 09:19:26

We went to one, they had plastic flower leis and grass skirts for all the kids to put on which was fun and the birthday girl had a flower crown like moana wears at the beginning of the film. Tropical fruit skewers to eat along with normal party food. And then someone taught the kids how to do a hula dance to one of the moana songs.

Ricekrispie22 Sat 07-Jul-18 17:59:41

At the beginning of the movie, Moana follows a trail of seashells. You could make a treasure hunt for seashells. Musical bumps/statues/chairs and Pass The Parcel with Moana soundtrack.

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