Big party venues (overnight)

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Mummyonamissi0n Sat 27-Jan-18 21:05:54

New to mum's net and honestly took me a crazy long time to find where to post this question.
Still pondering whether I am in the right section or not.
We're looking into a big nyes this coming year and trying to find a venue that suits 14 adults and their kids (7/8 ranging from 6 months to 4 years old).
Want the kids in the same place as us but not in our bedrooms and don't want to rob a bank to do it.
Does anyone have any experience of where works for groups this size???



Thanks xx

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Crunched Sat 27-Jan-18 23:47:11

I've used a really good website called ''. They have pointed me to two properties that proved excellent.

Mummyonamissi0n Sun 28-Jan-18 12:21:06

Great. Will have a look on there now. Thank you

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