Last minute party games/ food ideas (IN DESPERATION !)

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pickyourselfupandtryagain Sat 09-Dec-17 03:24:46

Hey all !

DS will be having a pool party around the mid-afternoon today. I thought it would be wise to buy the party food in the early hours in the morning, as I tend to over-bulk if I buy things before hand. However, I'm utterly clueless in what I should I get ? I'm worried I will over spend/ over bulk. Does anyone have any food ideas ?? I need to do party games for the swimming pool party ? We have a hall hire included in the swimming pool package hire (sigh) for an hour. Should I do a party game ? What one can I do ? I was thinking of using a piñata but there isn't a spot you can put in the hall.

Any ideas ?

Thank you !

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fizzicles Sat 09-Dec-17 03:54:24

Chocolate game? Kids take it in turns to roll the dice. If they get a 6, they have to put on gloves, scarf and hat and have to try to open then eat a big bar of chocolate with a knife and fork. When the next kid rolls a six, it’s their turn. We used to love that game!

HuskyMcClusky Sat 09-Dec-17 03:59:11

How old are the kids?

I’d go totally retro for food:

Mini sausage rolls
Mini party pies
Mini hot dogs on sticks (with tomato sauce for dipping)
Fairy bread
Ham sandwiches in triangles


Pass the parcel
Pin the tail on the donkey
Drop the hanky
Musical chairs

Janus Sat 09-Dec-17 04:58:59

Bit squash for drinks too unless included. Add some cucumber and or carrot sticks so they get something healthy!!!!
Definitely get some games together. It’s a very long hohrnin a room with 20’kids!! Believer me they will all eat in about 15 minutes and will then expect to do something! So pass the parcel if you have time to wrap it (put a layer of haribos in between each sheet of paper so they all get something to avoid tears!). Musical statues is good, I often have a bowl of sweets for those that get voted out to avoid tears again! First prize of a mini Lego or writing set type thing. Pin the tail on something can take some time so I like that one!!
Good luck!!

pickyourselfupandtryagain Sat 09-Dec-17 07:53:58

Forgot to mention the children will be 8.

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ferriswheel Sat 09-Dec-17 08:02:29

For the food I'd serve them their own individual picnic in a bag. This time of year get them a small gift bag or a party gift bag.

Put in it, one packet of crisps, one carton of juice, a satsuma, and a chocolate treat like a fudge or something. And a party hooter.

Make up a basket of sandwiches and put two types in. Then offer one of either type.

For the adults buy a load of tins of coke, sprite. Then no worries about hot water being spilt.

Get a tray and have it ready to put cut pieces of cake wrapped in napkins on.

An easy party treat to send them home with is a bottle of bubble bath. Or a selection box if you see them reduced.

ferriswheel Sat 09-Dec-17 08:06:44


Get them running around with a bit of direction.

Play Corners. You'll need four adult to stand in each corner holding something like a teddy. Or print four pictures and stick them to the wall.

They run around to music and go in a corner when the music stops. Then they are eliminated according to whose corner is called out by someone whose not looking.

Have loads of practises to exhaust them then quickly eliminate them.

A dancing competition. A selection box is a good prize. Its easier to have lots of winners.

Musical statues.

Pass the parcel.

Duck, duck, goose.

Kwackerly Sat 09-Dec-17 08:07:41

Head bowling. Kids wear tights with tennis ball in the foot, on the head. Race to see who can knock over a line of bottles first using the ball. Then drink the water.

worridmum Sat 03-Feb-18 16:56:35

a Pinata always goes down great here good for 3 - 11 year old (after 11 they don't really like party games though).

GlitterGlue Sat 03-Feb-18 17:04:36

Food in boxes/bags to save waste. Sandwich, crisps, piece of fruit or carrot sticks, bag of mini biscuits, drink, maybe some mini sausages or sausage rolls as well?

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