Italian themed eve - ok for food n drink, but decorations??

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secondhoneymoon Sat 08-Jul-17 00:44:37

I enjoy themed evenings, with food and drink from a specific country, appropriate background music etc. I like to add a few relevant decorations - nothing too much but just to tip a wink at the theme. When I did a Mexican eve, I bought cacti for the table, and had some Mexican Servietten I got from Aldi ages ago. But am not the sort of person who would go the whole hog with sombreros and ponchos
I am going to have an Italian eve next. Am ok with food and drink but not sure about subtle table decorations - any ideas?

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AdaColeman Sat 08-Jul-17 00:55:40

The table laid in red white and green, e.g. White cloth, red flowers, green napkins, or red white and green candles?

A tray with Italian liqueurs and apéritifs?

fabulousathome Sat 08-Jul-17 00:57:19

Glass bowl of pasta shapes on the table tied with red/green/white ribbon?

secondhoneymoon Sat 08-Jul-17 01:05:58

Fab ideas - thank you, exactly the sort of thing I was after x

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secondhoneymoon Sat 08-Jul-17 01:10:24

I actually have red, white and green table cloths (3 separate single colour cloths) which I might be able to layer up. I've also got some multicoloured pasta which seemed like a good idea at the time for a stocking filler but doesn't look that appetising to eat - would be perfect for creating decorations!

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AdaColeman Sat 08-Jul-17 01:10:34

What's your menu honey ? Should be a great night! wine

NoncommittalToSparkleMotion Sat 08-Jul-17 01:11:00

Wine bottles/decanters with candles in them.

Red and white checkered tablecloth with green napkins.

Anything with embroidered fruits on them

(Thinking of my Nonna's kitchen)


NoncommittalToSparkleMotion Sat 08-Jul-17 01:13:53

Ah, Xpost.

fabulousathome Sat 08-Jul-17 01:25:40

Thread a few pasta shapes onto a short piece of elastic and use as napkin rings!

wobblywonderwoman Sat 08-Jul-17 01:49:00

Paint empty wine bottles and use as candle holders (or leave clear and use sand to fill half)

Red check napkins

secondhoneymoon Sat 08-Jul-17 02:00:13

You are amazing people!! Menu not fully decided but as it's a rotational thing and we're all busy working Mums so we've agreed not to go mad food wise. I will do some antipasti, and then make a big pizza and a pasta dish with salad. Dessert some kind of cake with fruit and ice cream. Will serve prosecco, maybe bellinis to start, a variety of Italian wines, then vin santo with biscotti, amaretto with amaretti and limoncello. Am I missing anything obvious?

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Penhacked Sat 08-Jul-17 02:05:50

Reading this in my hot and stuffy Italian apartment. Sounds yummy to me! Tiramisu is surprisingly easy to make if you want an authentic dessert?

Out2pasture Sat 08-Jul-17 02:08:08

Lemons and Limoncello ;)

secondhoneymoon Sat 08-Jul-17 02:32:09

I know too many people who don't like tiramisu - that said it's so very easy guess I could make that and something else

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Kimber2 Sun 16-Jul-17 11:31:21

A Pasta Centerpiece inside glass bottles, glasses and some fresh flowers on using red and green accents would look nice.

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