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Manchester - hen party?!

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Longleggedlovely Sat 15-Aug-15 23:00:57

I've been tasked with organising the above! Any ideas where to go, where to stay etc? Think we would like a city centre apartment and a good cheesy night out! Then maybe a spa thing on the Sunday before home on the Monday.

MARTIN1 Sun 16-Aug-15 03:50:06

Printworks, Birdcage, Gay Village. These are places for proper cheesy.

The Light is a good apartment place to stay, you could have a night out in the Northern Quarter, plenty of nice bars and places to eat and plenty to do. If The Light isn't within your budget, there are hotels etc in Northern Quarter for you

Hayels Sun 16-Aug-15 04:16:41

The Place apartments are massive and reasonably priced and central.
Birdcage or Tiger Tiger for proper cheese.
Revolution de Cuba on Peter St for cocktails and salsa dancing.
The Radisson spa is nice but small. MacDonald hotel does a nice hen spa party package, the treatments and food are good but no pool or steam rooms or anything, just a chill out room. Lowry spa is meant to be ok, too.
If the spa is on your way home though, it might be worth looking outside the city centre- Cottons or the Mere in Knutsford, Devonshire spa in Buxton, titanic spa in Huddersfield or Stanley house in Blackburn are all well worth a visit, dependant on your route home.
Good luck!!

Longleggedlovely Mon 17-Aug-15 22:21:46

Fab! Thank you, will continue my research. And thank you for the good luck, I'll need it!

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