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Trivial... Ideas for a 40th celebration please

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Quickquestion15 Thu 01-Jan-15 18:12:09

I turn 40 in a few weeks, would like to celebrate (think I'd regret it if I didnt) but organising parties/gatherings is not one of my strengths (and DH is getting annoyed with me for not getting on with things). So far I've mentioned it in a kind of 'save the date' way to a few friends but now I'm stuck.

I like the idea of a cabaret or dinner/dance but these are out as I don't want people to have to spend much money-at the most on drinks or food if they choose.

I'm considering doing something in a space in a local pub or possibly at home (though dh not keen) but am wanting ideas to make it really fun for my friends (and me). I really am clueless about organising get togethers plus have two small children so bit jaded and not been out much lately.

I'm in London.

Obviously there are MANY more important things to spend time on so won't be offended by a lack of response.

madsadbad Thu 01-Jan-15 23:01:04

Decide on location, then you can further plan from their.
Do you want any themes?
What do you want to provide in the way of food and drink?
How many people do you want to invite?
Will you be including kids?
What time of day or night do you want to have it?

madsadbad Thu 01-Jan-15 23:05:33

Plastic or proper cutlery/plates/glasses?
Music? Could make your own playlist?
Any other entertainment?

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