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Party games for 10-15 6 yr olds????????

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essbee Wed 31-Mar-04 13:48:56

Message withdrawn

Marina Wed 31-Mar-04 13:53:20

Kipper racing. Cut out some paper fish and have some rolled-up newspapers ready. They have to waft their paper fish down the hall as fast as possible.
Relay races with blocks, beanbags...whatever is easily transportable and you have plenty of.
Balloon races - two lines, balloon has to be got down the line without using hands.
Hope this helps...have a great party.

Crumpet Wed 31-Mar-04 13:57:58

Not sure if 6 is a bit young for a treasure hunt, but you could maybe tailor it for their ages:

Divide up into teams. One member from each team reads a clue and has to go and find an object (or letter) hidden in the hall. As soon as it's found and the child has returned to the team, the next member reads the next clue etc. The team who finds all the clues and guesses the answer to a final question (or rearranges the letters into a word) wins.

Takes a bit of organising, but is good for passing the time!

momof2 Wed 31-Mar-04 14:16:07

IF its in a hall what about "Port and Starboard" where they have to tear across to various sides of the room?

Flip Wed 31-Mar-04 14:22:23

What about arranging four different coloured squares on the floor and while the musics going they have to choose a coloured square to stand in. Then when the music stops you call out a colour (without peeking) and all those in that colour are out.

Also at my sons 5th birthday party a couple of weeks ago I did balloon making. It went down a storm and I had 24 kids all climbing on me clambering for swords, shields and flowers. It's so easy, even I could do it. There's websites that show you just how easy it is and where you can order balloons from. After I started making balloon things they just ran around pretending to have sword fights but couldn't hurt each other. My dh had fun to letting them all attack him.

Janh Wed 31-Mar-04 14:29:23

What's that team game where you have to thread a piece of string or something up and down through people's clothes?

You could have several goes of dead lions in 2 hours (playing it just before they eat is a good idea to calm them down a bit).

Pass the parcel of course - with that many kids sit them in 2 little circles so they don't have to wait too long before it comes round. Sweet or forfeit in every layer.

Have you got lots of helpers?

Musical chairs but with cushions or sheets of newspaper (?) (Or actual chairs if there are some there).

One of those games where they all sit in a circle and then 2 people have to run round the outside to get to the only space first (???) - have dim recollections of this but don't know how it works.

When I had DS2's 6th they ate on the floor - I used disposable tablecloths and plates, but you could do the cakebox trick.

Are you having some girls? They do have a civilising influence.

roisin Wed 31-Mar-04 14:37:18

Lots of team games essbee. Divide them into two teams for games like:

Passing a football through their legs.
Passing a balloon to one another without using hands and not dropping it.
Starting off with a simple duplo model, dismantling it one at a time, then running in turn to the other end of the hall with one piece each and re-assembling it.

Pass the parcel with simple forfeits.

Beg, borrow or steal a parachute and do parachute games.

NB Be wary of elimination games and outright winners. My boys don't mind losing (and winning!) at games, but we have had party problems in the past, because they tend not to have winners at infant schools nowadays iyswim, and - sad but true - some kids just can't cope with not winning. That's why we tend to do team games at parties, with more emphasis on the game than on who's won.

We did DIY ice cream sundaes one year, which went down a storm. (Fairly messy though! and they didn't actually eat much of it.)

roisin Wed 31-Mar-04 14:38:26

Definitely echo Janh's comment about the girls!

nerdgirl Wed 31-Mar-04 14:44:39

I'm planning a superhero party this year too essbee. Have decided on team games -

meteor shower : blow up lots of red and orange balloons and see if they can keep them in the air

rescue heroes : make a pile of cuddly toys and have the teams rescue them like a relay race (the older boys will have to do it in pairs and balance their toy on a paper plate)

obstacle course in the garden

have large cardboard bad guys they can throw water balloons at


I think it's easier to come up with games if you have a theme. Last year we did Harry Potter and it was brilliant. Just get into the spirit and pretend you're six too!

juniper68 Wed 31-Mar-04 15:18:56

Wow what a good thread It's given me loads of ideas for future parties. I have two boys and agree with havin girls there to calm them

nerdgirl can I come to one of your parties

juniper68 Wed 31-Mar-04 15:20:06

Btw, we do treasure hunts all the time in the garden and my eldest is 6.

nerdgirl Wed 31-Mar-04 15:45:17

You're welcome anytime Juniper and if you ever decide to throw a Harry Potter party, I have a really good sorting hat puppet you can borrow!

polly28 Wed 31-Mar-04 23:39:45

My dd has always loved what we call the "chocolate game"

Probably best to do two games simultaneously as ten kids too many.

Get huge choccy bar and place on tray in middle of circle of seated kids.

Put gloves ,scarf,hat,knife and fork ,oh and a dice,on the tray.

When a six is rolled that child has to don the clothes and try to cut open the chocolate before another child rolls a six and tales over.

I don't know whether six is too young,test with your ds first,but all kids love this and get really excited.

Winner that opens bar gets to take it home,or share

A mexican pinata is always good aswell

SoupDragon Thu 01-Apr-04 07:57:56


SoupDragon Thu 01-Apr-04 07:58:08

Or draughts?

SoupDragon Thu 01-Apr-04 08:10:05

Icing biscuits
I've got some colour in hats you can have as well as the masks
This website tells you how to make a pinata! fill it with sweets from Poundland.
Pin the tail on the donkey or a variant (pin the cape on the super hero, the mask on the TMNT, whatever)

helenmc Thu 01-Apr-04 19:44:29

smarties game - or esvral plates of smarties and each child has a bowl and a straw. they have to suck up the smarties and drop them into their bowls.

table ping pong - have a load of empty jam jars on a table and they have to throw the table tennis balls into them. Quite hard but the trick is to bounce them on the table.

LIZS Thu 01-Apr-04 20:02:32

ooh I used to love the chocolate game - once was almost sick I'd got so many squares in !!

essbee Sun 04-Apr-04 13:56:40

Message withdrawn

Lisa78 Sun 04-Apr-04 14:05:48

And there's the old favourite essbee, "tie each other up and see who can stay quiet the longest"

And "don't tell your mum and dad how much wine the grown up helpers had"

Lots of luck, you deserve a medal for bravery!!!

essbee Sun 04-Apr-04 14:12:51

Message withdrawn

essbee Tue 13-Apr-04 15:05:20

Message withdrawn

essbee Sun 18-Apr-04 09:54:45

Message withdrawn

essbee Sun 18-Apr-04 10:02:23

Message withdrawn

Batters Sun 18-Apr-04 14:31:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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