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Ideas please for DH 30th present?

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fidgetywidget Thu 24-Apr-14 17:04:46

I've tried searching MN for ideas but all the pages have disappeared, all I get is the missing biscuit page....not much help!
I'm not great at full inter web searches (too much info, too little time) so I thought I'd try picking the brains of the lovely folks on MN.

Please can you help me with some ideas?
DH turns 30 at the start of June, we're going out for a meal with friends, but he's essentially organised that himself, so I probably ought to sort out a present or surprise of some sort. Unfortunately I'm rubbish at these things!

Budget is £100 max for something amazing (ideally less!)
An experience of some sort is probably the best idea as he's quite fussy about his tech etc.

He's into: engineering, vintage tractors, computery type stuff including some games, Mrs Brown's boys, Jeff Dunham (US comedian)

He's not into: sport (in any way), crafts, fashion, gardening (unless it involves a tractor!)

I had thought of ACDC tickets (to go with his brother, I have no desire to go) but from what I've found online it seems they haven't got any dates out yet/ are out of my price range.
Also wanted to get Mrs Brown's boys tickets but they're not in the UK this year.
Jeff Dunham has UK dates but they're this week & I can't get childcare/ time off work that quick.

I should've been a bit more organised blush any ideas gratefully received thanks

DandelionGilver Thu 24-Apr-14 17:45:27

If he likes vintage tractors, could you buy him tickets to something like the Dorset Steam Fair It's not on until August but you can buy the tickets in advance.

Now, (and I don't tell everyone this, so it doesn't get too crowded), but in the middle of October at Burley Cider Farm in the New Forest, there is a steam pressing weekend, where they have loads of vintage steam tractors and other vehicles and they press the apples for the cider (it's only £2 to get in) so maybe a weekend away - it's cheaper at that time of the year. It's a really good day out. We go every year as part of my birthday gift.

My DP is a pain to buy stuff for, so I tend to do days/evenings/weekends out or away.

A night away in London with a trip to a museum he may enjoy?

fidgetywidget Thu 24-Apr-14 19:00:45

That's a fab idea thanks Dandelion, we went to the Dorset Steam fair a few years ago & he does like it, might see if I could book to stay somewhere nearby so we could stay into the evening to see the engines all lit up.
Steam pressing weekend sounds lovely but we're expecting DC2 mid September so might be busy by then!

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