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Ds2 just threw me a curve ball....HELP!

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Badvoc Thu 19-Sep-13 14:18:58

He has now decided that he in fact does want a big birthday party this year!
He will be 5 and has just started school so we are looking at 20+ kids.
I have managed to book the church hall and my sister is picking up invites, party bags etc for me as sainsburys have a sale on ATM.
It will need to be an old school party...I.e. party games like musical chairs etc and there will be boys and girls there.
I am planning on normal party food...sandwiches, pizza, veg sticks, jelly, cake etc...

SuperiorCat Fri 20-Sep-13 09:49:19

IIWY I would

-set up a table with colouring sheets for quieter children
- clear big space to run round for over excited children
- rope in as many adults as you can to help, even better if you can get a teen to organise the games as they are more likely to listen to them
- have twice as many games as you think you will need just in case

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