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Ideas for DS1's 18th

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Googlella Thu 05-Sep-13 22:10:00

Music in the garden
Colourful bunting.
Big bowl of fruit punch.
Simple barbecue food such as hot dogs if you are providing food all day.
Plenty of bowls of nibbles dotted around.
A nice birthday cake as a centrepiece.

Have a wonderful celebration!

lifeishunkydory Wed 04-Sep-13 14:46:19

I have been asking DS1 about if/where he wanted his 18th party for months, and as usual he has spent an age "umming and ahhing" and now there are three weeks until his birthday and it is going to end up as a family party/open house. Not too worried as DS1 has ASD and willonly invite a select few, however I would love some ideas to make the day special for him. Am currently thinking of putting a gazebo up in the garden and BBQing, so any ideas re food, drink extra somethings would be great. Will probably have less that 50 guests in total and this will hopefully be spread throughout the day.

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