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Help - DD wants a horrible histories (Georgians) party

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3birthdaybunnies Wed 26-Jun-13 09:56:48

We did an 'awful egyptians' party for dd2's 6th birthday, it went down well. We did some craft making - decoupage sarcophagi and pass the parcel with some egyptian multiple choice questions and some big hints. Don't eat cleopatra smartie went down well, same as don't eat tommie smartie with a name change. What's the time mr crocoldile worked well too.

Next year both girls want aztec parties!

LadyLech Tue 25-Jun-13 20:10:34

My daughter has just decided on a horrible histories theme too. She'll be 7, but her birthday is not for a few months yet, so I have got lots of time to plan.

My thoughts for her party so far are:

Hall + bouncy castle.

Dress up as a character - a terrible tudor, putrid pirate and so on...

Then I'm going to do a few games based on the theme...

I thought perhaps Putrid pirates Port starboard bow hern etc (change the sharks one for pirates)

Maybe some kind of horrible history pass the parcel. Each layer would be accompanied with a forfeit or a fact about the era.

Horrible History food.

Not sure what else but I would like to do something from the different themes. Thankfully we've got the books, so we can look up some facts for foods for the children to try etc...

Hmm, that probably is not a lot of help is it??

Roma2013 Tue 25-Jun-13 05:00:41

My 7 yr old had a Victorian themed party (odd choice but the class had bn doing Victorians at school) so they all knew about it. Have her friends been doing anything like that? Or, why not broaden it out? Say children can come dressed up as 'anyone in the past'. So it becomes a History Party. They may have been doing Romans at school.

You could then just have historical takes on traditional party games (we had pin the seat on the penny farthing) and pass-the-parcel could be easily themed with a traditional toy inside. The children also made peg dolls and a nosegays. The Victorian style high tea went down a treat - scones, sweets, cake, lol. There must be Georgian party games (I don t know much about Georgian times but I found lots of info through a google search for the Victorian party). Of course, you need to dress up as well! What fun.


piprabbit Tue 25-Jun-13 02:12:15

I'd be tempted to get your DD her special outfit and then beg/hire/buy/borrow some fancy clothes and have a big dressing up box for the visitors.

Maybe have a craft activity where they make their own wigs out of paper somehow? Or use face paints and stickers to give themselves Georgian make-up (white base, lots of red cheeks and stick-on eyebrows and beauty patches). Or forget about the Georgians and have a Rattus Rattus treasure hunt round the garden.

You could make some of the food a bit Horrible (worms in jelly?) - but I wouldn't go overboard with that as 5yos can be a bit picky at the best of times.

Sounds like it should be loads of fun.

NotAnotherNewNappy Mon 24-Jun-13 22:53:39

She'll only be 5, so I'm not sure I how I can pull it off without looking poncey/making It hard work other parents.

Basic plan is bouncey castle & gazebo in the garden. How can I horrible history it up? Do I tell other kids to dress up? As what? Do other people's 5yr olds watch HH? Does that matter?

I think DD just really wants a big dress, wig and an umbrella...

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