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Help! Jessie or Buzz costume urgently needed!!!!

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Chocolateporridge Tue 12-Feb-13 09:41:12

Thanks bear, we don't have a Tesco but Asda & TK Maxx don't have them here. I've already checked Amazon therein, thanks, and I did think about buying the next size up but some of the descriptions of the secondhand ones on eBay say that they're big sized so would fit the next size up again!

thereinmadnesslies Mon 11-Feb-13 16:53:55

Search on amazon for "toy story costume" - there is buzz and Jessie. It looks like the smallest costume is 3-4 but they quite often come up small so you could just tack the legs up

Bearandcub Mon 11-Feb-13 15:53:53

What about tesco or asda? I'm pretty sure they had some in recently. TK MAXX has dressing up stuff in fairly regularly.

Chocolateporridge Mon 11-Feb-13 15:49:22

My dd is 2 and is going to a fancy dress party next week. It's been hard to tie her down to what she'd like to go as, but last week we narrowed it down to Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story. I was bidding on a second hand costume on ebay and at the last second was outbid. I thought it would be easy to find another one but it's not!!!! There's loads of new or used costumes on the internet for age 3 or up but age 2 to 3 only seem to come from America and the postage is prohibitive.

She's now told me that she'd like to be Buzz Lightyear but I'm having the same problem trying to find a costume in her size.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or does anyone have a Jessie or Buzz costume I could buy from them? Help!

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