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Birthday for 13 year old girl, what did you do?

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admylin Tue 09-Oct-12 11:42:17

I need tips for this coming Friday.

Dd is having a sleep over with movie night - so she has 3 dvds lined up, popcorn, pizza etc all sorted but one of her friends isn't into sleep overs or movies and goes to bed at 9pm at the latest so no point her staying for the sleepover (where I know they won't sleep much anyway!), she also doesn't like wqtching TV, dvds etc.

Dd is starting the party early, straight after school at 1pm (they finish at 1pm on Fridays) so this other girl can join in until 6pm when she will be picked up.
Dd had thought to do a chocolate making session (one of her hobbies) but I'm thinking they'll get an hour at most out of that and my kitchen will look great afterwards hmm.

Any ideas how the girls can busy themselves? I'm regretting the idea now, rather she was just having the sleep over but dd didn't want to leave one friend out.

Spagbolisbetter Fri 12-Oct-12 21:58:34

It will make a long afternoon/evening. I think I would suggest they have a little trip out shopping, swimming or to the park early afternoon.

admylin Sat 13-Oct-12 12:07:47

Spagbolisbetter thanks for answering.

In the end we changed the times and the girls came at 4pm instead and had birthday cake and then went out for a walk around the lake in the rain with umbrellas! Then they came back in and mixed non-alcoholic cocktails and played cards until 8pm.
It was the best and easiest birthday party ever. They're at an age where they can entertain themselves and they all seemed to have a great time. The sleepover was OK, no idea when they went to bed but they all looked like zombies at the breakfast table!

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