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ShirleyKnot Mon 05-Sep-11 19:27:47

I'm sorry, I promise I'm not going to overtake this section completely

This thread is for throwers of Halloween parties, so that I don't clog up the utterly lovely "ideas" thread which is gathering pace nicely (BTW please feel free to wade in over there with any fabulous plans/ideas)

Let's get started:

ShirleyKnot Mon 05-Sep-11 19:46:43


Invitations - see, I was thinking that if you're going for the Final Destination Theme, the invites should look a bit like those flyers they hand out at cinemas?

So I would download an image from the movie such as: Here

and then crop the image like this

So then, you can either (depending on your PC/Mac) save this image to a word or pages and then - and now we get complicated. TBH You might be fabulously talented and able to have the photo in the background and imbed the text over the top (I can do that on a PC but I'm still slightly shaky on the MAC) or you can have this as a two sided doc - photo on one side, party details on the back.

You could go for:

FINAL DESTINATION 17 - <DD's Name> Doesn't take no for an answer.

this was a strapline for one of the films, if you don't like that then maybe go for:

Final Destination - <Your Address>

Hehe - that's one is sinister!

And then you just fill in all the details, time, date, etc etc.

Thank you so much - this is brilliant. I am quite handy on the laptop, though it's more trial and error than computer brilliance!

Actually, I am rather excited for Hallowe'en this year as it will be DD3's first one that she's old enough to do something with. Will definitely be nicking lots of ideas from here for her.

TrillianAstra Fri 09-Sep-11 21:23:07

One of my friends said last night that she was thinking of having a Halloween party. I said that was a fantastic coincidence as I'd been thinking that someone who wasn't me should throw a Halloween party.

Slightly off Halloween, Trills, but did you make the Lemon Meringue in the end. And, more to the point, dear your dear mama like it?

TrillianAstra Fri 09-Sep-11 21:41:46

Yes, she liked it a lot! The lemony bit was fun, it was oh-no-lumpy-lumpy-suddenly-thick

wellthatsdoneit Wed 28-Sep-11 00:28:06

I'm thinking of throwing my first Halloween party for the dc this year and am rather nervous. If I give you the set up can you help me?

It's primarily for ds who is 4. We've just moved to the area and I don't know anyone so was going to invite about 6 of his new classmates. There'll also be my 20 month old dd and a few of my friends coming in from outside the area and their kids (probably another six kids ranging from 2 to 7).

I was going to start off with a few games (some team races like wafting a balloon with a broomstick round a course) have some spooky party food, a few more games (musical chairs to halloween music, pass the pumpkin etc) and possibly finish with some trick or treating (just up the street with pre-warned neighbours).

My first question - how long do you think I should make the party? I was thinking maybe 4-7pm (on the Saturday before Halloween) or perhaps that's too long?

Second question - where's the best place to get cheap decorations? Am a single mum and finances are tight.

Am going to get my two nieces (16 and 12) to come up and help out running the games as they're wonderfully bossy and un-selfconscious and love a good party!

wellthatsdoneit Wed 28-Sep-11 15:44:20

I know I'm talking to myself at the moment but just wanted tom point out that there are witches brooms at bm home stores for 69p each! They're besom broom style - not really full size, but certainly suitable for my games-on-a-budget party.

Third question - Halloween party food? (am going to make the ice hand in a bowl of punch thing).

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