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Girls party invitations

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cherryapple Sun 27-Feb-11 17:51:57

Hi, can anyone recommend a party invitation supplier for a 5 year old girls party please. I need 36 invitations anad dont want to spend a fortune. Thankyou

KATC2010 Sun 27-Feb-11 19:13:20

Have you looked on ebay? They do some really good ones, you can personalise them and I find them relatively inexpensive.

Mollymax Sun 27-Feb-11 19:24:25

If you have a computer and a printer, you can do your own.
Cheap and cheerful!

pilates Thu 03-Mar-11 11:44:50

My daughter has just designed some on the computer for her birthday party. They are very personal and very cheap!

Hulababy Sun 06-Mar-11 20:28:40

I have just used snapfish to order personalised postcard style invitations for DD's upcoming party.

For 36 I thik I would create my own on Publiher (pr similar) and print myself.

arrtyparty Mon 23-May-11 18:37:36

Try Spotty Pencil for personalised printable invitations. There are quite a few really nice designs suitable for a five year old girl - Princess, Ballerina, Fairy. My daughter loves them!

Wendyhendy1 Sat 28-May-11 09:19:36

I like this website for party games ideas and free invitations: free invitations

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