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Weenurse Sun 04-Nov-18 10:12:19

We are getting to the point where one of ours is finishing university but still living at h. How much board do you charge? Once they get a full time job.

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OlderThanAverageforMN Sun 04-Nov-18 10:21:40

Me too...... will be interested to see responses. DD starts FT work in January, at the moment still giving her "pocket money", we will stop that, but she will still have a lot of expenses like a £4k commute into London, so I am not too sure it will be reasonable to ask her to contribute.

Lorddenning1 Sun 04-Nov-18 10:30:47

I used to pay £50 per week, granted that was 10 years ago

pretendingtowork1 Sun 04-Nov-18 10:32:02

If I could afford not to and they were working and saving then nothing. If feckless that might change.

Weenurse Sun 04-Nov-18 21:22:48


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