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Nivea sun tent

(2 Posts)
stacijc Sun 17-Jul-05 18:28:09

Not sure where this was supposed to be posted but here we go....

Does anyone know how to fold up a nivea pop up sun tent....been to the beach today and i can't fold the flippin' thing back up. 4 of us on the beach couldn't do it so its shoved in the boot and will pop out when we (eventually) dare to open it lol!!! We got given it second hand so there were no instructions!

gingerbear Sun 17-Jul-05 18:54:07

I think you need to fold two sides together to make it flat, then taake hold of each side, twist one side towards you, and the other away from you, then sort of twist/push it into a circle & shove into bag very quickly.

God, that is hard to explain.

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