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sunblock and other parents

(4 Posts)
albosmum Tue 21-Jun-05 19:52:19

i am really p**** off today.

DS2 seems to go really red really quickly in the sun - but when he comes back in he changes back to a normal colour.
yesterday one parent told me i should have put sublock on ds2 before i went out - whilst i was applying a second coat

today another parent told me my child needed sunblock on

plus at least two others have commented on him looking red.

why would other parents think that i would be stupid enough to go out in this heat on the longest day of the year without applying sunblock.

weesaidie Tue 21-Jun-05 20:15:24

God! How irritating!

I remember being on holiday years and years ago and my very pale brother (about 5yrs) had gotten burnt on the first day... later on in the holiday this woman actually told him to go over to her and proceeded to put 50+ sunblock on him!! Honestly, that was when he was doing okay!

What did you say? I think I would have found it very hard to be polite!

paolosgirl Tue 21-Jun-05 20:20:04

Why do some parents feel they need to do this? Would they go up to a mum feeding her child sweets and lecture on dental decay? Would they feel they had to discuss the dangers of passive smoking with parents who smoke? No, I BET they don't as it is none of their business!

KBear Tue 21-Jun-05 20:21:58

My DS also goes really red outside then "cools down" in the evening. My mum was panic-stricken after a day out last year because he was so red and she'd been applying factor 50 all day.

Ignore other people's comments - I personally wouldn't dream of speaking to another parent about their child (might THINK it but to say it is rude and none of their business).

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