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Fisher-Price My Baby Sneezes Doll, is this any good

(3 Posts)
carriedababi Sun 25-Oct-09 22:05:56

everytime my dd sees it on tv she laughs
but not sure if she'd like it in rl


Geocentric Mon 26-Oct-09 00:09:26

DD (5) got it for her birthday. I like to call her Swine Flu Sally wink. She's rather sweet, comes with quite a few speaking lines. DD doesn't actually play that much with her, tbh, but it's a nice toy - and you can turn her off so she doesn't speak (DD often does, when she's tired of the talky bits).

carriedababi Mon 26-Oct-09 11:26:33

geo, thanks for the advicesmile

i don't know if dd is just laughing at it on tv, or if she would liek to play with it.

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