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question about bugaboo bee??

(3 Posts)
vicky001 Sat 17-Oct-09 12:30:23

hello, i already have a bugaboo bee and was wondering how long the bugaboo baby bee nest lasts for approx i.e. until what baby age is it suitable?

many thanks/

ScarySpangleMaker Sat 17-Oct-09 13:02:17

Hi, the nest pretty much covers the seat of the pushchair but doesn't go much beyond as it's meant for babies lying flat, so you could only really use it up to a few months, depending on the size of your baby and if they can/want to sit up. DS is 6.5m (but 5.5m corrected for his early arrival, and small at that) and is too big for it. TBH at £65 I would probably advise against getting it, though it was useful for those first couple of months.

mamayaya Thu 22-Oct-09 00:20:14

I've got a yellow one you can make me an offer for if you like.

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