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any good books on...

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ahappymummy Tue 22-Sep-09 17:48:07

waitng for baby or new baby?
can anyone recommend any?
I am xpecting in november and have a 3.2 year old ds.
Idont know if they even exist but does anyone know of any books that teach children smacking is wrong?
Hes has started tosmack at his new nuresery and am stuck as to what elsei can try?
Thanks guys.x

purplepansy Wed 23-Sep-09 09:51:52

We have:

Topsy and Tim 'the new baby' - all about how Topsy and Tim's friend Tony has a new baby brother. Features the baby being breastfed (if that is important to you), having a bath, mentions how babies cry, big brother making him laugh etc.

My New Baby (Annie Kubler, Childs Play books): this is just a picture book with a little boy and the new baby. Again features breastfeeding, and shows the big brother helping/going for walks/having story time after baby asleep. Really lovely book to talk about with your LO as you can make up the story to go with each picture.

Miffy and the New Baby: not great - but if your ds likes miffy then okay!

Now we Have a Baby (lion publishing): This is my favourite - features two older siblings but mainly a big brother - a few excerpts below, 'here is a baby, newborn and tiny, there are lots of things to know about babies. Babies need to sleep a lot, you sometimes have to be quiet when baby is sleeping....everybody seems to love baby, sometimes you can feel left out....but every tiny baby is a little person who needs people to love helps them learn about smiling and talking/helping and playing/caring and sharing (shows big bro playing with baby) makes baby part of our family for a family is love'
Its a really nice book!

I found that the books really helped my LOs get used to the arrival of their siblings. Good luck!

ahappymummy Wed 23-Sep-09 10:32:44

thank you sounds like i will give now we have a baby a try! not sure if ds is keen on miffy!x

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