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cot matress???

(8 Posts)
shellmc Mon 21-Sep-09 19:37:34

Hi i have a 4 month old ds, he has been in his cot since he was around 5-6 weeks old as he kept wakening himself up when in the moses basket.

I am a bit confused tho over the cot matresses we bought a new cot and new matress but i noticed that the breathable holes are at the top ov the cot but they say you should place baby at bottom of the cot, does it make any differene that the holes are at the top???
I will admit and i know it is wrong as soo many say but i put ds with his head at the top of the cot because of this and iv placed a pillow across the bottom where his feet are so he cant work his way down.

Am i being daft not placing him to the bottom of the cot beacause im scared that the breathable holes are at the top??
Stupid question i know and ds is doing great and sleeping well xxx

FlyingMonkey Mon 21-Sep-09 20:34:10

Hi, if your DS is sleeping on his back throughout the night, I wouldn't worry that the holes in the mattress are at the top. I assume they are there for older babies who are able to roll over onto their fronts. Maybe best to put him at the bottom of the cot so he can't wriggle under the blankets and get rid of the pillow?

FlyingMonkey Mon 21-Sep-09 20:35:41

By the way, we use baby sleeping bags so it doesn't matter where we place DS in his cot.

pippel Mon 21-Sep-09 20:41:15

I wouldnt put a pillow in the cot dd2 isnt 4 months yet but she has already started moving herself around the cot and waking up in the opposite direction to the one she went to sleep in (how she does I dont know!)

Shes in sleeping bags though so it doesnt matter

shellmc Mon 21-Sep-09 20:47:03

Hi thanks for the prompt replys ds is also in a sleeping bag. Its gud to hear that i can place him to the foot of the cot and it wont do any damage i was just soo scared to LOL. Thought beacause the holes were at the top he wouldnt beable to breathe properly!! Still im glad i checked this out thanks very much x

LauraN1 Mon 21-Sep-09 22:40:33

I thought the holes are there to allow any liquids (ie vomit) to drain away if baby throws up in his sleep?
I think there is a lot of SID advice around that should be put into context. Like that 'feet to foot' is only relevant when you use a blanket.
I never quite understood why babies should not sleep on a sofa.

pippel Tue 22-Sep-09 21:52:17

I think that sofas are too soft for the baby to sleep on
I have no idea what the holes are for, I assumed ventilation but my cot mattress doesn't seem to have any

LauraN1 Wed 23-Sep-09 22:04:00

That's exactly my point: Our so sofa is not soft.

Good advice would be: Don't put your baby to sleep on a soft surface - the danger is that baby turns his head and the mouth gets covered by the sofa (although I'd find it hard to imagine a sofa that soft).

I'm quite interested in the 'toxic gas' theory by the way. If you believe that toxic gases are causing SID, the reason to not let baby sleep on the sofa is that you don't want baby to be exposed to any chemicals (fire retardants) in the material. But I guess that's an entirely different discussion and merits its own thread.

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