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Flipping half term - I'm having a crap mum moment

(24 Posts)
rickman Thu 02-Jun-05 10:00:18

Message withdrawn

beansprout Thu 02-Jun-05 10:03:12

Rickman, stop giving yourself a hard time. This is a long week and you have 4 to deal with. No wonder it gets a bit much sometimes. You sound like a brilliant mum. There are lots of kids who aren't being taken anywhere this week so please tell yourself you are brilliant instead of rubbish. And if you can't, I will.

You are brilliant.

So there.

throckenholt Thu 02-Jun-05 10:05:15

allowing them to solve their problems is supposed to work.

So you say to them - I am confident that you can work out between you how to do x without fighting.

In theory - not sure if it works in practice

Marina Thu 02-Jun-05 10:05:33

Absolutely beansprout. Please don't be hard on yourself Rickman.

purpleturtle Thu 02-Jun-05 10:12:11

I'm sitting here in my dressing gown, the kids aren't dressed either. Our only plan for the day is Tesco ("I don't want to go in the trolley"...) Now I'm a crap mum. rickman, I take your title.

rickman Thu 02-Jun-05 10:12:37

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Thu 02-Jun-05 10:15:33

Half terms not going well here either rickman and i'm not a single parent and I only have 3 kids so don't be so hard on yourself.

It is hard when they start as soon as they walk through the door though isn't it. Dd's did that yesterday after getting back from my moms.

I ended up crying wondering how i'll cope in the 6 week hols.

Pinotmum Thu 02-Jun-05 10:17:43

It doesn't help the the weathers been off to say the least. Don't beat yourself up about the odd lapse in patience. I thought I was in for a nightmare time too as I had my neice and nephew for the week. I can't cope with the 2 I've got' plus another 2 aggghhh. Anyway they have been great. New faces to play with seem to stop my two beating each other up. It's been quieter with 4 kids than with 2!!. Not kidding myself though that if they were MY 4 it would be like this

Marina Thu 02-Jun-05 10:37:41

They are horrible with you because YOU represent home, security and unconditional love. On some level they know they have to be "good" for their dads because they are not always there for them.
If they can be little sods with you, it is honestly a tribute to your parenting skills overall.
And any dad, whether still resident or not, will always say, "oh, but they were soooo good for me". That's what they do
I'll tell you it was a bad move to clip one of them round the ear if it makes you feel better Rickman but we've all had those red haze moments over the past week and some of us only have two to manage.

tiddlypom Thu 02-Jun-05 10:51:10

I nearly started a thread on this yesterday - half term, completely knackered - and as Marina says I've only got 2, and they're not tinies, either.

nutcracker Thu 02-Jun-05 11:00:34

My mom has just rung to say she girls can stop at hers again tonight.

Dd's faces said it all really

purpleturtle Thu 02-Jun-05 11:36:26

Well, 11.35am and we're finally all dressed. DD drove me to tears in the process. Had to ring dh to get him to give her and me a pep talk. Tesco will have to wait now. Now both little darlings sitting quiet as you like making flowers to send to Bob the Builder.

rickman Thu 02-Jun-05 14:35:45

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Thu 02-Jun-05 14:36:16

hi honey, how was yesterday?

nutcracker Thu 02-Jun-05 14:36:42

Aww no , could the h.v not have come to you instead ????

My mom has just come and rescued the dd's from me.

geogteach Thu 02-Jun-05 14:59:02

My full sympathy Rickman, I was trying to put DS1 (4) to bed at 8.30 this morning, I suspect I was pushing my luck it being 10.5 hours early!

MarsLady Thu 02-Jun-05 15:00:06

lol geogteach

rickman Thu 02-Jun-05 15:01:23

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Thu 02-Jun-05 15:04:04

pleaserewind Thu 02-Jun-05 15:39:55

NO NO it's me who should get the crap mum title..just ask my kids they'll tell you!

Had to take them to ds2 hospital appointment today, would normally be taken in car by super daddy but alas he wasn't able to today so they had to put up with going on the bus and then walking the rest of the way( and we had to ask directions as dumb mummy gets lost at the end of her own street)

I have constantly been shouting at and telling off ds2, i have followed everything i have been learning on my behaviour management course and it's NOT WORKING

i was crying last night at the thought of a trip to the hospital as our trip to do the weekly shop was so bad on tuesday.

i want the kids to have fun with me but nothing could be furthur from that and i am depressed at the thought of the 7 week holidays

i couldn't wait to be a mum but i am just not the mum i wanted to be at all

Eve Thu 02-Jun-05 15:50:04

...well I lost my child in Moores Valley yesterday and didn't even notice! and lost the other one on Tuesday at another park, he noticed and was sobbing, even though it was only for a few minutes!

If safer for them if I go to wrok!

rickman Fri 03-Jun-05 09:59:02

Message withdrawn

spursmum Fri 03-Jun-05 20:25:14


nell12 Fri 03-Jun-05 20:53:07

So it is not just me then!!! Remember this, it is the Mums that think they are brill who are actually crap. Because we beat ourselves up about how badly we are coping it just shows us that we care and want the best for our little buggers. There is only so much we can do or pay for in the holidays; think back to our childhood half terms; did we go out, get entertained, stimulated or generally spoilt? NO! We were left to our own devices with Mum in the background and were generally bored. It is the pressures of modern life that makes us expect miracles of ourselves. Just remember: Back to school / work on Monday... hurrah!!

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