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WWYD? Go to V festival for one day & leave baby DD with DH?

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thereisalight Sun 16-Aug-09 14:18:51

My best friend bought me a one day V festival ticket (going with her) for my birthday before DD was born so that i'd have something nice to look forward to after all the sleepless nights etc. A lovely idea and really appreciated, we both also have 2.5 year olds so we don't get out much. DH will be looking after DS and DD while I'm out.
So DD will be 13 weeks old next sunday when we are supposed to be going. I BF but have been letting daddy her a bottle of EBM daily for a few weeks now, solely to get her used to it before I go to the festival. She seems fine with it but she often has crying spells in the evening which I put down to overtiredness, I can usually soothe her eventually by BF but I'm so worried because obviously DH will not be able to do this. I'm really concerned that she will be terribly upset without me and that they will all have a terrible time at home, and i'll have a terrible time at V festival for worrying about it!
Now it turns out that my friend entered a virginmedia comp and has won passes for the VIP area at the festival. She is so so excited, and I don't know if I can let her down but cancelling on her. (I have spoken to her about my worries about leaving DD for the day, she totally brushed it off and said it will be fine...but she didn't ever BF and her LO had sleepovers at nan's from the age of 4 weeks so they have a slightly different way of doing things).
So i am torn - i really do want a day out and I would love to go to the VIP area etc!! But I feel I shouldn't leave my DD! And I don't want to let my friend down. WWYD?

Oxymoronic Sun 16-Aug-09 14:26:14

IMO you should go, it's not as if you're leaving you're LO with a stranger for the night, your DD will be in familiar surroundings with her Daddy looking after her. I'm sure you'll feel better all round for a bit of a break too smile If you're worried about your DC when you're at the fest you can always ring home and be reassured it's all still there!
Make sure you have a great time grin

GrimmaTheNome Sun 16-Aug-09 14:32:39

If your DH is (more or less) confident he can cope then go.

Even if he has a rough couple of hours, they'll survive just fine.

moondog Sun 16-Aug-09 14:45:28

Go, but you will need to express a good deal for her before you go (stock up freezer) and if you are gone for a while you may get engorged.

thereisalight Sun 16-Aug-09 16:14:42

Yes, I probably will get engorged! i remember the first time I ever left DS with DH, only for a few of hours for a job engorged and painful then leaked through the breast pad and shirt during interview!

I just feel like i'm being really selfish if I go & leave DH to deal with the crying.. he's ok with it, not too worried but i just can't decide..

Goblinchild Sun 16-Aug-09 16:34:07

How does your OH feel about it?
I'd fact I went to Cropredy with my daughter leaving my 4 month old son with my OH for 3 days.
It will be an invaluable bonding experience for them both.

lisbey Sun 16-Aug-09 16:44:56

I found that DS1 wanted me not his dad all the time, especially when I was BF, but if I wasn't there they would get along just fine, with no fuss from DS1 at all.

If your DH is happy with it then go and have a great time. Even if it is awful (which it won't be) it's only 1 day.

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