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Suggestions needed for a trike for a very tall 17 month old

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MammaK Tue 21-Jul-09 23:57:23

Have a very beautiful, very tall DD who is 17 months old. She has been toddling now for 3 months and is taking a real interest in ride-on toys and trikes. The only problem is when we have taken her recently to try a few her legs seem to be trailing on the floor!
Anyone found a trike (we would prefer a parent handle and harness if poss) or ride on that is generous in height so we can avoid the 'daddy long legs in the rain' look! grin
Many thanks
Mamma K xx

MoonchildNo6 Wed 22-Jul-09 15:02:44

How tall is she??? I have an off the growth chart DS who is 22 months and he has a Smart trike which fits OK. Bit like this but without the hood (i.e. an older second hand version!)

MammaK Wed 22-Jul-09 22:43:09

Thanks MoonchildNo6! She too is off the chart for height, think she was on it for all of 12 weeks lol! She's just outgrown 18-24 month jeans - so buying 2-3 and nipping the waists in.
Was reading some mn reviews on smart trike, thanks - will def look into it. There was something similar that was very pink at toys-r-us but cant have had the same dimensions for height as foot rest meant she was eating her knees but she's not quite at pedalling stage yet! Like her mummy really, happy to be pushed without wanting to do any of the work!

MoonchildNo6 Thu 23-Jul-09 10:45:08

Yes my DS1 still would rather be pushed and he's 5 grin

My DS2 can reach the pedals on the smart trike.

My DS2 has outgrown some 2-3yrs although I seriously question what sort of children they base their sizing on, some of it is tiny (probably all made in the far east where they don't have freakily big kids like us two!). If you have an M&Co near you, I find their sizing to generally be quite generous.

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