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Do some little boys just pee loads?

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TurtleAnn Sat 18-Jul-09 21:59:15

DS (3-months) fills his nappy almost every 4 hours. We have to change him 3 times in the night just because he has wee'd so much it is completely full. The other night he 'wet the bed'!
He is in Size 3 Pampers new baby, I have tried the 12-hour sleep ones and the active fit and they don't make a difference. He is wearing the right size for his weight.

misshardbroom Sat 18-Jul-09 22:02:41

As you are no doubt aware, the weight ranges for each size of nappy overlap. With each of my babies, I found that when they got to the point of springing leaks, it was worth putting them up a size of nappy (i.e. to be at the bottom of the weight range for size 4 rather than the middle / top of size 3). Might be worth a shot.

TurtleAnn Sat 18-Jul-09 22:06:01

Forgot to say - Formula-fed, takes appropriate amount, wakes up twice in the night (usually) 1ish and then again at 4ish.

Thanks I am looking at nappies and I think size 3 is right at the moment but I will definately have another look at size 4. Just to double check.

theyoungvisiter Sat 18-Jul-09 22:13:14

both my DSes went through a phase of wetting through their nappies - it just depends how often they feed at night, I think, and also to some extent what position they sleep in (nappies usually leak more if they are on their sides so when they start to roll you can find them suddenly leaking).

I found washables worked better at night - I also agree that going up a size can help but depends if it compromises the fit.

ABetaDad Sat 18-Jul-09 22:13:24

TurtleANN - found the same as you with DS1 once we began formula feeding. Definitely going up a nappy size made a diference.

We used a smaller nappy during the day but the next size up during the night.

Sazzle101 Sun 19-Jul-09 23:03:58

My DS has always been a complete 'weeing machine'! I have always had to change his nappy in his sleep in the middle of the night to stop him leaking. Luckily he never seems to wake up, but it has given me back ache hanging over the edge of the cot to do so!

zipzap Mon 20-Jul-09 00:20:15

might be worth trying a different brand too - with ds1 I found that although I had used the pampers ones to start with and they were great, once he had moved on from the new baby ones he was much better in huggies blue packet ones. (can't remember the name of them now).

ds2 on the other hand is now 15 months and still doing really well in pampers. I think different babies have a different shape that suits different nappies.

and definitely what missHB said about moving up a size - I stuck to what it said on the packet to start with, before realising that doh it was much more sense to move up when they started to get leaky or overly full than by what a packet says!

The other thing that seemed completely obvious to me but not my husband bizarrely was that you want to make sure ds' willy is pointing down - much more nappy to absorb the wee and also less chance of spillage if the top gets a bit loose towards end of time (ie waist less as bladder empty IYSWIM) - can get leakage even if nappy is not full.

otherwise, get in the habit of making up cot with a waterproof sheet, normal sheet, waterproof sheet and then normal sheet so that if you need to change the bed in the middle of the night all you need to do is whip off the top sheet and waterproof sheet and put baby back, without too much faffing around. can be a worthwhile investment that will save a lot of extra hurried washes (amd the horrors of having to dry out a mattress) to have a couple of extra sets of base sheets and waterproof sheets! I have 3 of the fitted towelling backed ones from John Lewis (but available in lots of places) and have thanked them on many occasion. I know other people that thought (or whose DH thought angry but that's a whole other thread!) they were an unneccessary expense and who have had many a night spoiled with trying to sort out wet beds and lots of extra loads of washing in a hurry.

good luck!

TurtleAnn Mon 20-Jul-09 10:59:08

Thanks, those are great ideas and very reasuring.
I will try the next size up at night idea
and I am off to John Lewis to buy waterproof bedding for the double bed idea.


ABetaDad Tue 21-Jul-09 08:30:11

What zipzap said about 'willy pointing down' is crucial. We found that if DS1 was wet around his waist and up on his tummy it was because he was just weeing straight upwards and it came flooding over the top of the waist bed where there is little absorbancy. However, if he was wet around his legs it was because the nappy was getting too small.

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