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Advice needed on potty training

(2 Posts)
gembobs Fri 10-Jul-09 02:49:29

My DD is 22 months and i think it is time 2 potty train her, i have done it before with DH son (9yo) from previous relationship but he was nearly 4 so it was quite easy, i just went out and bought him some pants (didn't have pull ups back then) and let him choose.

Not sure wot 2 do with my DD wen we out and about i.e going 2 and from nursery or sat having a meal as she may have an accident and don't really agree on putting a nappy back on as it just slows the process.

Any advice or experience greatly appreciated.

BiscuitStuffer Fri 10-Jul-09 21:56:12

She sounds rather young - are you sure she's ready?

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