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please tell me your 7 month olds daily routine?

(17 Posts)
mad4myboys Thu 25-Jun-09 12:00:53

pretty please?? Bit stuck with ds2 but he has a few health issues so havent been particularly strict with routine. We generally start and finish the day at the same time but want a bit more structure? He also barely has the minimum daily milk allowance and is being weaned


belgo Thu 25-Jun-09 12:07:18

I have an eight month old. His 'routine' is a bit hit and miss but this is it:

He breastfeeds a couple of nights still, and starts his day off at 6am.
6am; breastfeeds
7:30: a few cereals and bits of bread and another breastfeed.
9:30: we go out for a walk and he falls asleep in the pushchair
11:00 home again: mashed vegetables followed by breast feeding
3pm: try and give hims some fruit, he usually refuses and wants breastfeeding instead.
5pm: food from our evening meal - this is his best meal of the day.
Breastfeeds frequently during the evenings
8pm bed.

mad4myboys Thu 25-Jun-09 15:18:08

hi belgo, dont know if you remember me from the ante natal thread? How long does your LO nap for?

belgo Thu 25-Jun-09 15:43:34

He naps about 2 hours in the morning then sometimes has a short afternoon nap. He awakes a lot at night.

belgo Thu 25-Jun-09 15:44:14

yes I do remember you smile

mad4myboys Thu 25-Jun-09 19:39:00

thanks belgo, anyone else?

monkeyfacegrace Thu 25-Jun-09 20:02:54

My son is 7 months (5.5 corrected), and here is his routine (bear in mind I have a 2.5yr old so he has to work around that a bit!)

7.30 Wakes up babbling
8.00 Has weetabix and yogurt for brekkie, followed by 7oz milk
8.30-10 Both kids sit playing in front room, CBeebies on in background! (Im washing/ironing/dishwasher etc)
10-11 We have 'mummy time', puzzles, painting,playdoh etc. 7 month old gets stuck in, loves texture of playdoh etc
11-1 He sleeps! A 9oz bottle of milk, then straight in his cot
1-1.30 Both kids have lunch (big cooked meal for 2.5yr old, then blended for 7 month old)
1.30-3 Long walk in buggy, take bucket for toddler so we can collect 'treasures' i.e acorns, leaves etc. Baby usually is either fascinated by trees or asleep again!
3-4 Mummy time again, puzzles or we put music channels on tv and dance like maniacs-baby sits in bumbo or bouncer and thinks we are hilarious! (Has about 2oz of diluted apple juice over the last 2 hours)
4-4.30 Tea, sandwiches for toddler and son has mashed banana or fruitapura, followed by another yogurt
5-5.30 Bath
5.30-6 Stories, one on each lap
6- 9oz bottle of milk for both kids (awful that my daughter still has this buy hey, whatever!) and bed!

Sorry it was long winded, but our days are usually the same, I just change the activities. If its sunny, we have picnics, and once a week we spend the morning swimming.
But as far as rountine, my son has his brekkie, mid morning bottle and sleep, lunch, and dinner at the same time every day, and I like to think this is the reason both the kids go to bed 6 on the dot and do not make a peep or get up till 7 the next morning.

mad4myboys Thu 25-Jun-09 20:16:51

wow monkey, your house sounds fun! I also have an almost 3 year old ds and yes same here with number 2 having to fit around number1!

I dont really know what to do with him really, he has stomach issues and is waiting to be seen at evalina hospital in london, he also has reflux on top of it. So i havent bothered much with a routine until about 1 month ago when i started to work hard at it

It depends what time he feeds in the night as to what time he gets up in the morning. And night feeds depends if his belly cramps wake him up or not! So today, he had a feed at 2.30am, up at 5.45am but wouldnt take any milk so left him for half hour and we played then he had about 2oz of milk. (ds1 gets up around now) he has breakfast or porridge around 7.30 then i struggled getting him to sleep, he slept from 10.30-11.45 (sometimes he only sleeps 45 mins) then after half an hour of being up tried him with milk and had about 1oz so gave him his lunch. He then fell asleep at 3pm in the car and i woke him at 4pm as didnt want him sleeping too close to bed. Tea at 4.30pm, bath at 6pmish (always hard as have to do both ds bed times on my own) i get him out before ds1 and i dress and try to give ds2 his milk while ds1 plays in bath. Sometimes it works great and ds2 will fall asleep on the bottle (another prob i know) and he will be asleep by 7pm latest and will wake up any time between 10pm and 3am again depending on when his tummy cramps wake him.

Sorry that was long winded! He is supposed to have 20oz of milk minimum a day and is on neocate. Im lucky if i can get 15oz in him. Just dont really know what to do as im now struggling to get him to sleep.I used to rock him to sleep but for the last week or so he wont go to sleep like that. Tonight he didnt fall asleep on the bottle, instead had to leave him in cot crying while i put ds1 to bed. Then got ds2 back up to try again with the milk but his tummy kept cramping and he wouldnt sleep, eventually fell asleep on the bottle at about 7.30.

His illness i know causes us probs and im not sure if CC type thing will be cruel to do to him (if he gets in pain at the time) I always thought i knew when he needed to sleep (always rubs his eyes) but i think he is shifting his routine but im really struggling with him. He wont get sorted medically overnight as still havent been to the specialist whom we are praying will work out what is wrong with him.

sorry thats long winded, just dont know what to do sad

belgo Thu 25-Jun-09 20:22:42

Sorry to hear that mad4myboys. It's very hard isn't it, I also have three children, and ds has eczema that keeps him awake at night with itching and recently an ear infection and there is always one thing or another that means that he wakes up crying and wanting me, and I just can't leave him when I know there is something bothering him. You have my sympathies, there's no easy way of dealing with this.

mad4myboys Thu 25-Jun-09 20:28:21

sorry to hear that belgo. I just feel like im going round in circles. Im blessed that hes such a happy little soul. I find it so hard getting both boys bathed/bed at the same time as at the moment ds1 needs earlier bedtime but ds2 seems to need a later one but i cant make it later as ds1 is uncontrollable and i cant leave ds2 on his own anywhere other than in his cot whilst bedding ds2 but i dont want to havbe ds2 in with ds1 when reading and settling him as its ds1 only time with me but leaving ds2 in cot just ends up him screaming and keeping ds1 up! Hence wanting to sort more of a routine for ds2 to try to fit around ds1 bedtime in particular

mad4myboys Thu 25-Jun-09 20:28:51

sorry, didnt mean to repeat your first line! blush

monkeyfacegrace Thu 25-Jun-09 20:31:22

Thats a hard one, Ive never been able to do CC, and I really beleive that if your son is in pain, you must comfort him. Even now if I feel ill I want my mum!
Ive been very very lucky with my two. My daughter was a dream from day one, slept 12 hours from 6 weeks and never looked back.
My son was very prem, so spent time on SCBU, where they almost got him into a rountine for me, and he was used to being left in the incubator/cot to sleep, so I think he isn't clingy because of that. However, Ive had serious problems bonding with him, so thats why I keep my days busy, so I cant dwell on things too much. Those that seem to have 'perfect' lives, (which to many outsiders I admit I do), often have issues underneath!
I wouldnt worry too much about missing 5oz of milk, obv keep track of his weight, but some babies eat huge amounts (like mine who often has 10-11 oz on one go), others (like my friends) have just 4-5oz.
My son had reflux problems and was discharged on Gaviscon, but it didn't help much. He has grown out of it now he is having 3 solid meals though.
If it was me in your situatuion Id (a) give myself a huge pat on the back for coping with sleepless nights so well, espesh when having a toddler to deal with (b) remind yourself that if he is in pain its not his fault, and you are his mummy and all he wants, so if you need to, cuddle him as much as he needs (c) aim to get 3 year old in routine, then when that is cracked, hopefully your youngest will follow suit.
Good luck, and I think he is very lucky to have a mum who cares as much as you x

mad4myboys Thu 25-Jun-09 20:34:17

aah thanks monkey, that made me well up!

ds1 is in a routine, he is no problem (apart from sleep apnea!!) he was very routine baby and even now hates anything changing his day!

Qally Fri 26-Jun-09 12:40:51

Wakes up between 7 and 8, milk feed on waking, nappy change, cuddle

Breakfast around 8 - fruit, bread, water

He plays with toys on the rug, or sits in his buggy (high up one, so counter height) watching while washing up etc. happens

10 he has a nap with another milk feed, usually till lunch time

12 he has another meal in his high chair, what I'm having plus water, followed by a milk feed

1 he generally goes out with the dog for a walk

2 onwards we either play at home or go shopping or whatever. Afternoons aren't structured, really. Feed milk on demand, he naps when he likes. Usually he'll have 3 or so 1/2 hour naps, one of which will be in my arms after a feed.

7 or 8 I eat, and he has some too, followed by a yoghurt, and then by a milk feed

Bath at 8.30 or so

Bed at about 9.

He has a milk feed on demand (every 3 to 4 hours) through the night, too.

nimbs Fri 26-Jun-09 22:17:59

Hi - our twin dd's are 7 1/2 months now - and they've fallen into roughly this routine:

6 - 6.30am - wake & BF - babble/shout in cot until picked up!

7.30-8.30 - breakfast normally porridge or weetabix, toast and fruit

9.00 - 9.30 - tw1 - goes down for morning nap normally 2 hours

tw2 - goes down for morning nap around 45 mins or so

10.15ish - tw2 - up and plays
11.00 - bf tw2
11.30 - bftw1

play on mat/watch big sister doing loony stuff that makes them laugh like mad etc etc

12.30 - lunch - generally a bits lunch - ie cucumber/tomatoes/cheese/bread etc

1 ish - tw2 goes down for afternoon nap - 2hours
tw1 goes down for afternoon nap - 30-45 mins

1.45/2.00 - tw1 wakes and play
3.00 - tw2 normally has to be woken as have to pick up ds from school

4.00 - BF tw1 & tw2
5.00/5.30 - supper
6.00/6.30 - bath
6.30/6.45 - bf & bed

They then both wake up at least once during the night for a bf - normally twice

Its not an exact routine though as if we are out during the day with toddlergroups/pre-school etc for dd1 then the morning naps generally are in the buggy and not as long but if we are at home they sleep better

hope this helps - am just thankful that we normally get an evening just dp & me though dc do like to throw a curve ball every now and then to keep us on our toes hmm

nimbs Fri 26-Jun-09 22:22:20

to add - it's only in the last couple of months that they've had more structured nap times - which seems to help them 'know' what is coming - though not helped their sleep at night - but at least knowing that they will sleep during the day helps me to cope so i can get on with -mumsnet- housework!

I'm still really bf on demand - ie when they ask for it which as their food intake has increased has gone down.

lallymc Tue 05-Jul-11 18:01:01

Hi my little boy is 7 months now and i'm justing finishing breast feeding. His routine seems to work well.

Up at 6 30 ish porridge and a 5 oz bottle
wash, dressed and nap at 9 ish for about an hour to hour and a half
5 oz bottle as a snack between 10 30-11
lunch between 12 -12 30 veg and fish or chicken followed by fruit or a yoghurt and a drink of water
nap for an hour or so
5 oz bottle between 2 30-3 30
tea between 5-5 30 similar to lunch
bath between 6-6 30
6oz bottle then bed

Hope this helps

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